Today’s article is focussed on Community Member Sam Wray. Most Community Members know Sam. Her work has a large following of loyal customers. After enjoying a busy and productive lead up to Christmas at her stall in Nottingham’s Victoria Market: Sam has decided to stay a little longer.  Customers can visit to buy beautifully wrapped crystals and see a vast range of her creations.

Sam Wray – Community Member – LizianEvents – Lizian Events – Well Being – Wellbeing

Listen to Sam talk about her work here:


Sam Wray has a clear mind about business practice. Anyone interested in trading at The Well Being Shows should listen to her thoughts. She has no illusions about the route to success. 

The idea of ‘going for it’ appeals to many people, LizianEvents included. It is ok thinking about business plans and long term forecasts. However, Sam’s feeling is ‘don’t procrastinate – do it!’. She is right; indecision is one of the highest seeds of stress. When one is thinking and not actioning, the mind builds an association between the plan and the feeling of dread.

Listen to Sam’s opinion and thoughts on promotion:


We love the idea of posters and banners being photo friendly. And we will adopt this on our future banners. Remember if an idea encourages customers and Visitors to your work then it should be used.

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The importance of business cards, handouts and information sheets should never be underestimated. We have always printed thousands of flyers, business cards and pocket advertising. Everything possible should be done to bring awareness of your work to strangers. If you have real determination to succeed no potential avenue of recognition shown be ignored.

If you are reading this article, then the evidence of awareness is before you. You know about Sam Wray and her work and The Shows organised by LizianEvents. Thousands of people read LEN every month, and the numbers are growing. If you have a desire for success, then you could promote your work on a centred platform. LEN. Yes, it takes dedication; however, the rewards are there for those who take advantage of this asset.

Sam can be found at the Victoria Market Monday to Saturday – 09:00 – 17:00

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  1. Good article and the thoughts on promotion are in line with my own. I believe as well you can’t succeed without having a go, don’t overthink it just do it I feel is good advice. In regards to the business cards my new lot are on order and I have my banners, I look constantly on how to engage with people and I believe you can’t beat that face to face approach. See you at Trowell Sam best wishes and thanks for the tips contained within this article.

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