Today’s article is short. Three announcements and a brief comment.

Announcement one:

Prize draw winners:

Ken W – Skegness
Jane W – Loughborough
Barbara C – Nottingham

New flyers:

We have printed 10000 LEN promotion flyers. This is in keeping with the three-year plan. LEN is well established and gaining ground. The next stage is to increase the readership and visibility. The new flyers will be available to all Community Members. Jon and Liz will be distributing this first batch over the next two months. We intend to print fifty thousand of the LEN flyers during 2019. It MUST be apparent to all Community Members and Visitors we have no intention of slowing down our promotional activities.

LEN Flyers : LizianEvents : Lizian Events : Wellbeing : Well Being
LEN Flyers:

LizianEvents News:

Readers will see the major revamp of this daily newsletter — the result of two months of planning and testing. The site is lightning fast and fulfils every search engine protocol. There are numerous ‘tricks’ which are functioning in the ‘engine room’ of LEN. A basic LizianEvents search on Google returns pages of information. A further search of LizianEvents images shows the fantastic reach of our organisation.

Lizian Events Images Screen Shot Two : LizianEvents : Lizian Events : Wellbeing : Well Being
Lizian Events Images Screen Shot:

Planned Objectives: 

The planned objectives for The LizianEvents Organisation are on schedule. We are under no misconceptions; the work has to be relentless. The interest in The Community driven shows is growing from both potential new Members and Visitors. It is essential to keep the momentum at a steady pace and resist the temptation to expand faster than real growth allows. We are sure The Community is ready to take advantage of the fertile show and events platforms being built.

During the next two weeks, Liz will make a significant announcement regarding shows and events for 2019 -20 and 21. Our media platforms and promotional activities are ready for the future of the organisation. We see more people are beginning to join in with the promotion of the Shows.  The Facebook LizianEvents Group enjoys healthy activity, and this is another sign of the reach of The Community and the work.

Comment – John Richardson:

John comments that his articles are having a beneficial effect on his Hypnosis Courses. He says that students are signing up after reading his essays. We should not be surprised this occurs. When someone reads an essay or article, they enter into the mind of the author. It seems evident that a well-written piece that is in line with the writers objective will achieve results. John would guide all Community Members who have courses or workshops available to follow his lead. Email me if you have a submission, course, or seminar which needs promotion.

Thank you for reading this bulletin. The next two weeks will be focussed on The Nottingham Well Being Show. If you are an attending Community Member and you have a message for our readers. Send it in early for publication.

See You Soon

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