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Saturday 26 January  

11.00 Richard: Pietkievicz – Notts Reiki and Meditation Group

Emotional freedom technique

This is becoming very popular in self-help and assisting in a growing number of healing techniques

12.00: Jurga Proudlove – doTERRA’s Healing Essential Oils

doTERRA oils – plant-based Fragrant Medicine Cabinet for the whole family.

Join Jurga and learn how natural approaches to well-being can transform people’s lives.  Modern advances in the extraction methods and testing techniques have meant that doTERRA essential oils are some of the purest, safest and most potent essential oils on the market. Come along to hear how you can use these essential oils in your home to support your family’s health and well-being and become a healer in your home.

Jurga Proudlove is an experienced holistic health, fitness and nutrition coach specialising in women’s health and use of doTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils for physical, emotional and mental health.  She offers private consultations during the day and also over the phone, contact 07436001276. Essential oils have been used to promote health and well-being since biblical times.

1.00: Eric Henderson – Northstar Crystals 

Crystals what they do and why they do it. 

Many problems are believed to start in your energy field. By removing subtle energy blocks using the energy of natural crystals & gemstones, you may be able to change the nature of emotional and physical symptoms.

2.00: James Cook – The Gut Health Hub

The root cause of Auto-immune conditions and how to heal them naturally.

My name is James Cook, and this talk will include my story to inspire others to take control of their health and show that dis-ease is for you not to you.  I will share information about parasites and other toxins in our bodies and how they are the cause for all the “in-curable” illnesses.  I aim to show how some simple conscious lifestyle changes/choices can positively impact our life and allow us to be our true self and live life to the fullest. 

3.00: Jacqueline Seddon – JS Natural Therapies

Reiki –  Jacqueline is an experienced therapist and healer – This is a simple, interactive talk & demonstration of use for self-healing and others – all welcome, no previous experience necessary. 

4.00: Barrie John – Medium 

A very personal and powerful mediumistic demonstration.  Attendees will be guaranteed a superb audience with one of this country’s best known and respected Mediums.

Nottingham Trowell Well Being Show – 26 & 27 January 2019

Sunday 27 January 

11.00: Eric Henderson – Northstar Crystals

Atlantianite…… the story of Wilhelm Reich, Aliens and Angels, Orgonite, the energy effects of computers and mobile phones, vibrational remedies, pain relief, psychic protection and manifestation, or as much as we can fit in the time allowed!

12.00: Dathan Berry – SolRox 

Ocean Spa Therapy: 

‘A revolution in our understanding of what we are made of and where we came from, new science on the Oceans that will change your Life for good; We Bring Light, We Bring Healing, We Bring Love’.

The healing power of the sea in YOUR hands and feet.  Not only is Dathan the premier retailer of Himalayan Rock Salt products in the UK, his business SolRox also trains therapists to the highest professional level.  His qualified therapists provide nationwide coverage offering Ocean Spa Therapy.  His knowledge is second to none, if you desire to learn about salt and minerals for your wellbeing you’ll discover a talk based on scientific evidence full of anecdotes and examples.

1.00: Rick Paul – Spiritual Medium

Rick talks about his journey, his work and concludes with messages.

2.00: Rachel Bavin – Elemental Balance

Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Even things that look solid are made up of vibrational energy fields at the quantum level.

Bioresonance fine-tunes your energetic body, clears blockages and balances you at your core cellu-lar energetic level and helps you to return to equilibrium. When your energy field is in balance and harmony, the physical body also experiences optimal health.

Using Bio-resonance energy balancing tools can bring about an incredibly subtle and deep healing, yet it is painless, safe and totally non-invasive. As a transformation modality, bio-resonance is a comprehensive and powerful tool for energy balancing and healing on all levels of your Being: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

3.00: Julie Williamson – A Jewel Shining Through

Crystals and Mental Wellbeing

Julie combines her love of crystals with promoting mental wellness — a brief introduction to crystals, a basic introduction to mental wellbeing and what it is including some suggestions to improve mental wellbeing. 

4.00: Stephanie J King – Author – Speaker – Soulpreneur

‘A new you –  much like the rising of the Phoenix from the ashes’

Every part of life and being is being challenged, things are changing, and for many it is a struggle to keep up, to make sense of what is happening and grow forward. But life is not against you, instead its working with you and it needs all of your attention to succeed.

Never before has it been so easy to let go of old, outdated Karma and to embrace the life and destiny you came to birth – not only for yourself and those you love and care for but for the greater picture of humanity itself. 

This workshop with Soulpreneur (TM) Stephanie J King will help you understand what is occurring and move through it with ease and grace to levels beckoning much higher with strength and purpose.

Attending Community List:

Aloe Vera – Health Wealth and Happiness
A Jewel Shining Through
Barrie John Medium
doTerra – Jurga Proudlove
Elemental Balance
Ethically Gifted
Gill Moore Spiritual Healer
The Gut Health Hub
JS Natural Therapies
Moonlit Pathways Books
Natures Workshop
North Star Crystals
Notts Reiki & Meditation
Pam Shield
Rick Paul
Sanctuary Reflexology
Simon Goodfellow Spiritual Medium
Stephanie J King
Sutton Healing Centre
Tampara Seated Therapies
Through the Looking Glass
The Witch’s Heart
Tropic Skincare
Woodland Trust 

Nottingham Well Being Show
26 – 27 January 2019
Trowell Parish Hall
Stapleford Road

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