Today’s Article is part one of an interview recorded with Dave Harper at The Nottingham Well Being Show. Dave is the immensely popular powerhouse of The Simon Goodfellow brand. And It is my feeling Simon has forged a unique and brilliant niche in the spiritual market.

Meet Simon and Dave at The Newark Well Being Show by following the link:
Newark Well Being Show

I have known Simon for many years. His dedication to his work has paid off in his popularity and success. He has a fantastic following for his work, his fully booked lists evidence this at the countrywide shows he attends.

Simon Goodfellow - Trowell 271019 : LizianEvents : Lizian Events

His consultations, workshops, courses and Tarot deck are in constant demand. Whatever your beliefs, no one can doubt the influence of Mr Simon Goodfellow.

Simon’s partner Dave Harper is also recognised as very much a part of this fantastic journey to widespread recognition. You can contact him from early morning to late at night. He is always ready to provide information about Simon’s schedule. 

In this interview, we talk about Simon’s workshops, telephone readings and Tarot deck. It is the first part of the conversation the second instalment is scheduled for 22nd of February. 

Interview With Dave Harper


You can book a consultation with Simon from his website and all the information regarding courses. People interested in The Simon Goodfellow Tarot deck can purchase the pack from Simon’s website.

Simon’s Website

You can meet and work with Simon during LizianEvents Well Being Shows. And of course, Dave will be there to sell you a deck of the interesting Tarot cards.

See You Soon

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  1. Anybody who knows me knows what I feel about these two and how high of a regard I have for them. Dave is an unsung hero for me, happy to be in the background as such but still a force to be reckoned with make no mistake he is also a gifted spirit worker in his own right. Daves focus though is in the engine room and driving the business forward, I am pleased to be able to go to Dave and discuss marketing and promotion as there is no one better in my eyes, best wishes as always guys, Rick.

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