Cedric Ford Pavilion
Newark Showground
NG24 2NY
16 + 17 February

52+ Community Members

We choose to list the Attending Community during the show week. Although there is extensive information on the internet for visitors to find out about the show, talks and attending Community Members.

We tested a format prior to the Nottingham Well Being Show. When asked Vistors said they had seen the new format, and they enjoyed reading the information: We also received many thanks from Community Members for the way the Community Members were introduced were introduced to Vistors.

The Format is different because it is written from our opinion and the thoughts of interviewed Vistors. This will be the format used for all future events. Visitors like it because there is no bias. The introduction is independent of The Community Member.

The list is in alphabetical order – There are fifty-two attending Members for this show. Each article this week will review ten or eleven Members:

Glennis Martin

Last year Glennis took part in an interview, In the interview, she was given six questions about life and how she saw life. (you can listen to the discussion on LizianEvents News).During the interview, I mention a friend enjoyed a reading with Glennis. My friend’s comments: “I adored Glennis and her reading. And the way Glennis gave me my message was fantastic. ”The humble way Glennis responded to the accolade demonstrates the depth of Glennis’s ability. She has enjoyed many years as a successful medium and psychic. Over the years she has built up an enviable client list, and one which has grown through recommendations. So, here are the signs of her ability: High praise from a friend, empathy, long career, expanding client list built from recommendation. Enjoy your reading!

The Gut Health Hub

James Coulson Cook is a fascinating man. His determination bought him back to health from life-threatening disease. James presented a talk during the Lincoln Well Being Show which achieved sparkling feed-back. I cannot remember a conversation which received so many after-show requests. His knowledge of the parasites and toxins which damage our bodies is where the answer to health and repair begins. He is here to help you with your questions.

Infinity Nutrition

Paul will provide Visitors with information about nutrition and will provide samples of herbal tea.


Paula will introduce Visitors to a superb health product. The Isagenix range has a Worldwide reputation for quality and effectiveness. If you have a need to lose weight and keep it off, talk to Pauls and her team. They will provide evidence of the effectiveness of the Isagenix. The increasing number of agents must be seen as rock solid evidence of Isagenix’s effectiveness. Talk to the team during the show and sample there revitalising orange drink: It is brilliant!

Iza Moon – Songstress – Poet and Story-Teller

Everyone loves Iza! I had to think carefully about leaving this introduction on the page. So I asked some of our friends for their opinion. There is not one who did not begin with ‘She’s lovely, or I love Iza’ Meet her, and you’ll come to the same conclusion. Iza is a wonderful and unique person: an individual who holds kindness within her Being. While talking to Iza, you sense her soul, a spiritual lady who lives her beliefs. This is not only my opinion; these are the sentiments of my friends: During Iza’s performances, the audience enjoys lessons of truth, honesty and love. Most will leave with a life long memory of the experience: We love Iza’a work, and her songs are chosen as background music for the show. Visitors can purchase Iza’s CDs from her stall. Incidentally, the recording is brilliant ‘before sleep’ meditations.

Jill Fraser Ear Candles

Eliza has been a friend for tens of years. She is an established teacher of various holistic and alternative therapies. In this short introduction, we focus on Eliza’s Jill Fraser range of ear candling therapies and products. Visitors return to Eliza time and again for an ear cleansing. One reason is the candles are the finest available. Another is Eliza’s expertise and years of experience. She became the owner of The Jill Fraser Ear Candles ten years ago. It is a testament to her success that she continues to teach Holistic and Alternative therapists in their use today.

Jane Osbourne

Jane is a fascinating lady who enjoys a growing following of people.  During a conversation with Jane, her many years of spiritual wisdom shines through. Her expertise covers mediumistic and psychic gifts, past life regression and healing. She is a superb writer, her books are fascinating, well researched, and easily understood. It is of no surprise to listen to the praise and read five-star reviews of her written word. 

JS Natural Therapies

Jacqueline is an experienced and highly trained healer and therapist. Her work not only involves therapy Jacqueline enjoys teaching and training. During this weekend Visitors can experience Reflexology and Reiki, and if you want to know about The Balance Procedure, Jacqueline will have the answers to your questions.

Heather Wood Spiritual Medium

Heather, is a spiritual medium: Her words describe her work: “Although I am never sure how best to describe what I do as I also use my intuitive and psychic skills to give a holistic reading, not only looking at what the future may hold but looking at a person’s characteristics and personality. These are then used to determine strengths and areas that may need a little extra care and attention. I aim to use guidance on how to develop these areas and restore calm and balance should it be necessary while giving clarity and comfort”.

Joylina Living With Soul

What does Joylina do? Many people ask her this question. She aims to assist her clients in connecting to their authentic selves. To link to their soul’s purpose, transform their ego into the essence of their real being, transcend their karma and past lives and to consciously evolve with the new emerging consciousness. To do this, she uses all her gifts, as she believes each and everyone is a unique soul whose purpose is to manifest their true essence in their unique way to bring their gifts to the world.

Joylina works holistically, with root causes rather than symptoms. She will ensure your goals are aligned with your higher purpose and authentic aspirations. She brings her unique skills and experience to accommodate the individual needs of her clients and empowers people to help themselves. Unlike many other practitioners, Joylina encourages clients to take responsibility for their lives rather than merely reassuring them that everything is going to be okay. This path will enable you to transcend issues instead of glossing over them and will ultimately bring lasting, positive change into your life.

Magnotherapy UK

Neil will explain the benefits of magnetic therapy during the show. There are thousands of words written about magnotherapy and its benefits written on the internet. Neil will answer any of your questions about the uses of Magnotherapy; he will also demonstrate the vast range of products available during the show.


What can we say about Mel and Pat? They stock the most extensive array of silver jewellery imaginable. The quality of silver settings of the gemstones and crystals cannot be questioned. Everything from a five-pound token to hundred-pound statement piece. Mel and Pat will advise on the right stone or crystal for your needs. We are always grateful Mel and Pat travel so far to the smallest of our shows to benefit the Visitors. Try and catch them without a smile on their faces!

Moonlit Pathways Books

Annie always brings varied and up to date range of books to The Well Being Shows. Annie has complete knowledge of her stock carrying the latest and most popular titles for her customers. Not only does Annie stock book titles, But Visitors will also discover a super collection of Tarot, Angel and Oracle cards. And finally! There is always a shelf where incredible bargains can be purchased.

Native American Traditions

Alan is a man on a mission! He has travelled the World in pursuit of spiritual understanding. In the last ten years, he has flown to America to meet with the Native Tribes. And he has built a close relationship with the Lakota Tribe. He now takes part in their ancient rituals. Because of this, his knowledge is first hand, therefore accurate. Alan works incredibly hard on his presentations: You will learn about smudging, and other rituals and the information is authentic. Although Alan is presenting a short seminar during the show, Visitors are guided to his stall where he is happy to talk about his work and knowledge.

Neals Yard Organic Remedies

We love and use Neals Yard Products. This ethical and well-established company now has a vast range of the highest quality skin care. Every Neals Yard Consultant is trained to the highest standard. Their knowledge of the benefits of using these established and top quality products is one of the reasons for this popularity. Sally will advise on the use of the products this weekend. If you love your skin, you’ll love Neals Yard Products.

New Horizons

If you have ever thought your home or workplace ‘does not feel right’. The problem could be the building or surrounding area is subject to ‘Geopathic Stress’. Eliza will answer any questions you may have about the damage Geopathic Stress can have on your living and person environment. New Horizons has developed a unique kit which can be used with safety to isolate and deal with Geopathic Stress. It has received great reviews. Indeed, we tested the kit at our business premises and found it to change the ‘vibes’ of the surrounding environment. Problems with your home or environment? Spend some time with New Horizons.

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