The demand for a Nottingham Well Being Show is without question. We came to a crossroads three weeks ago, and this bought forward plans for an expansion to the Nottingham Well Being Show.

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Liz Clark

We had two choices: look for another small venue or bring forward our long term plans. The Trowell venue is the biggest venue of its genre in Nottingham’s surrounding area. No other site of its size comes close with parking and road and public transport connections. As The Trowell Parish Hall is irreplaceable, we have closed the doors on events of this size for the foreseeable future.

Liz reviewed many venues in the surrounding area. However few could offer the facilities needed to provide Visitors with the type of show we choose to organise. The key elements must be a large room and a staging area — a connected room for therapists and Community Members who require a more tranquil atmosphere. And facilities for unlimited talks. The Venue must have excellent catering facilities. It should also have unlimited and free parking. Nottingham’s Jubilee Conference Centre ticks all of the boxes.

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Jubilee Conference Centre

The connections made over the last two years are beginning to make waves. People are coming to LEN in higher numbers every week. The questions received about the Community aspect of the organisation and joining the Community indicate more people see the advantages of our project.

The present objective is to strengthen the current aspects of The Well Being Shows and begin to introduce other facets to interest a wider audience. We can only do this if we work with venues who can support the vision.

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Amazing Potential

Today we announce our new venue for Nottingham

The Jubilee Conference Centre

The video provides a small insight into the venue


This venue will allow our shows to grow. We feel the events management are in tune with the future of The Well Being Shows. The administration is progressive and, like all of our Venue’s management take their work further than making a booking.

We are looking forward to organising a spectacular event in October. The project moves forward, and it is at Nottingham where the Well Being ~ LifeStyle Shows will begin, the possibilities are endless. Let us look forward to a fantastic future.

What is the future of The Well Being Shows?

The Well Being Shows are established and connected by three venues. Lincolnshire Epic Centre – Newark Cedric Ford Pavilion and Nottingham’s Jubilee Conference Centre. The plan is to bind the shows together, providing Visitors with a superb series of Connected Well Being Shows.

We feel the two shows per year at each event will provide sufficient interest to keep our growing number of Visitors coming to the Well Being Shows. At this point we envisage the shows The Lincolnshire and Nottingham Shows to have one hundred and twenty Community Members Attending with around sixty talks: plus weekend stage entertainment. The Newark show will stay at fifty-five Community Members and eighteen talks for 2019. We are working with our friends at Newark to increase the attending Community and talk numbers for 2020.

See You Soon


  1. YIPPEE! Nottingham Jubilee Centre looks superb & perfect!
    I am so excited…I can’t wait to be there- and to meet all our new & old Visitors. They’ll be spoilt!

    THANK YOU so much for all your relentless efforts (& successful results!) dear Liz and Ian. xx

  2. Really looking forward to exhibiting at this brilliant looking venue, I echo Brigittes sentiments and also thank you not only for your hard work but also your vision in making these things happen, bless you both, thanks Rick.

  3. Looking good. On a practical note, I do not think that you have put in any less effort for Trowel, than you do Lincoln. Thus putting that effort into a bigger venue makes sense. There are also considerable opportunities for synergy with universities, with students taking stalls, and drawing younger visitors. Winning new audiences is vital.

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