Cedric Ford Pavilion
Newark Showground
NG24 2NY
16 + 17 February

52+ Community Members

We choose to list the Attending Community during the show week. Although there is extensive information on the internet for visitors to find out about the show, talks and attending Community Members.

We tested a format prior to the Nottingham Well Being Show. When asked Vistors said they had seen the new format, and they enjoyed reading the information: We also received many thanks from Community Members for the way the Community Members were introduced were introduced to Vistors.

The Format is different because it is written from our opinion and the thoughts of interviewed Vistors. This will be the format used for all future events. Visitors like it because there is no bias. The introduction is independent of The Community Member.

The list is in alphabetical order – There are fifty-two attending Members for this show. Each article this week will review Attending Members:

New World Creations

Marco and Catherine have travelled the furthest distance to be with us this weekend. The word ‘unique’ is not enough to describe Marco’s beautiful creations. Every one of his angels, spiritual symbols and creations have no comparisons anywhere in the world. Every one of Marco’s designs is embellished with his spiritual wisdom and knowledge, and made using materials produced to his special formula, and hand finished. When viewing his work you recognise the craftsmanship involved in the production. Catherine and Marco have an immense following because of their genuine spiritual beliefs and lifestyle.

North Star Crystals

Erick is well known as the organiser of The Mansfield Show. He is a great man, intelligent, wise and knowledgeable. This weekend he’ll be wearing his crystal and orgone hat. And my goodness you’ll be in for a treat. Erick’s crystal stock is always keenly priced and varied. His orgone selection has to be the best in the UK. Erick is presenting a talk this weekend, and if you wish to learn about orgone and Wilhelm Reich, there is no better place to begin.

Notts Reiki & Meditation Group

Richard is the leading light of this respected and growing group. This weekend he’ll be talking about and giving demonstrations of the Emotional Freedom Technique. He will, of course, be talking about the Group, its progress and purpose. The shows are about Well Being, health and peace. Richard hold the values of his work in his very being.


Mel makes, produces and imports the unique essential oil products. He carries a vast range of oils to every event he attends. Visitors are guided to review Mel’s stall for products which will enhance their living environment. The potential of aroma and fragrance has been known for centuries. Mel’s products take the ways to use essential oils to another level. And by the way, if you drive a car – Buy one of his car fragrance containers, the simplest and best you can own!


A visit to Steven and Trudy’s stand will enlighten Visitors. And for some their lives could be transformed. Steven conceived the idea of OldPain2Go some years ago. He worked with dedication to perfect an already great therapy. The name describes its intention, and there are many thousands of people who benefit from Steven’s excellent work. So effective is the treatment that there are hundreds of fully certificated therapists in countries all over the World. If long term pain is your issue: Talk to Steven and Trudy.

P&G Underwood Ltd

I have known Philip and Glenys for fifteen years. My respect and admiration for their work have no boundaries. The word ‘Professional’ is accurate, however from my experience working with Philip and Glenys they stand amongst the best as teachers and mentors. It is no coincidence people travel hundreds of miles to train as Holistic and NLP Practitioners. You will understand this when meeting with them for the first time. We also think the magic is in fact, not only do they teach, but they also have successful holistic and counselling practices. Make time to talk to Philip and Glenys if you are considering training in holistic and alternative therapies. And remember to speak to them about the treatments they have practised for over a decade.

Pam Shield

Pam is Nottingham based: an advantage for local people looking for follow-up readings. She is an exceptionally talented Spiritual Counsellor. During the shows, we receive fantastic feedback from her clients. Their tributes centre on Pam’s consistent mediumistic ability, accuracy and kind approach. Pam is one of the most empathetic Spiritual Counsellors you could meet.

It is always recommended to talk to all Spiritual Counsellors before a reading. And this is something Pam enjoys before a consultation. Being able to connect to your Spiritual Counsellor is an essential factor to consider. Remember, you are trusting them to provide essential messages and guidance. You will find Pam more than capable of delivering both requirements.

Positive Resonance UK

Carole is a fascinating lady who is entirely dedicated to helping people sort through their issues and problems. We would recommend every visitor spends a few moments (or even longer!) talking to Carole. You may find she will open your mind to incredible possibilities. Here is Carole’s explanation of her unique work:

“During the past few years, I have been introduced to the world of Quantum Physics and Energy Medicine, which has further broadened my understanding of the connections that thoughts, beliefs and emotions have on our overall health and well-being. Through David Hawkins’ work and his ‘Map of Consciousness,’ I discovered that every thought has its energetic vibration, which can be calibrated and given a numerical value.  Every thought vibration increases or decreases the flow of energy in our energy field as well as those of the people around us. In 2015, I pooled this body of information together and over the next two years compiled my energy-medicine workbook, entitled ‘Positive Resonance’, which I now use as a base for helping others”.

Pure Holistics with Michelle Durrant

Michelle joined The Well Being Community from the very first day. She supports the events and their ethos. Over the last two years, Michelle has built a large and loyal following of clients. No surprises here: She is dedicated to providing the best of holistic therapies. Highly qualified by internationally accredited organisations in reflexology, different styles of massage, visitors can be sure of enjoying a sublime therapy session.

Rick Paul

Rick Paul is determined to give his clients the very best of readings. He strives for excellence and clarity. During the consultation, it is impossible to sense an atom of ego. Rick is 101% focussed on his client’s needs.

Ask him what he does he’ll answer “I am a medium connected to spirit” Ask him how he works, and he’ll answer “I work with spirit to help my clients. It is important for me to set the highest of standards, standards my clients should expect.”

It is no surprise Rick is enjoying the rewards of his hard work and building a great following. And do not forget, if you need advice about waistcoats Rick is your man!

Sanctuary Reflexology

Chandu is a Qualified VTEC Reflexologist and Indian Head Masseur. He travels from York to be with us this weekend. Chandu has a beautiful calm and peaceful nature. This weekend he’ll be providing our Visitors with sublime massage. Chandu has a large and loyal following of clients who come to events especially to have their bodies soothed and relaxed.

Shirley Ann

When I first met Shirley she gave me a short consultation! Her insight was laser straight and to the point. Shirley said we would take the shows in a new and unique direction. She also predicted the shows would grow beyond our intentions. Allow me to be clear: at this time there were no further plans about the Well Being Shows. The design was three venues and six shows. Shirley’s words were more accurate than my idea! I ask Visitors about their experiences, and when talking about Spiritual Counsellors, they are asked about their ‘readings’ and opinion of the counsellors. This is one of the comments “Don’t you love Shirley! Her ‘readings’ are superb and very accurate”. Who am I to argue? Shirley accurately predicted my journey.

Simon Goodfellow – Spiritual Medium

What can be written about Simon which has not already been recorded? He is known as the consummate Spiritual Medium. An amazing man, his courses and workshops are fully booked within days of the date being released. He has trained numerous professional mediums and helped people forge careers within the Spiritual circuit. He is busy as a platform medium no surprises his events are always fully booked. It is not by chance Simon has such an incredible following. He has an amiable nature and is dedicated to his clients. Talk to anyone who has enjoyed a reading with Simon, and you’ll hear beautiful testimonials.


Dathan Berry runs the UK’s leading Himalayan rock salt supplier company. Not only has he created a unique range of Himalayan salt rock products: his company trains therapists to the highest professional level. When talking to Dathan about the products you will become amazed at the depth and breadth of his knowledge on the products and their healing benefits. Visitors should also remember that rock salt lamps have the most calming effect when placed in a room. Superb high-quality products presented by a man of great wisdom.

Soul Sisters

Sharon and Amanda travel to The Far East to select the stock you’ll see on their Stall. Not only will you find a vast selection of unusual gifts: You will discover their prices are fair. It is a reflection on Sharon’s and Amanda’s business ethic. We are finding more people are beginning to follow their business practice. One of running an ethical business where the stock is sourced directly and sold at a fair price. Incidentally, during an interview with Amanda last year she tells me that it is important for her to pay a fair price to her suppliers. This means she pays a price relevant to selling price which is often more than the price asked by the supplier! Now that is fair trade.  

Stephanie J King

We have known Stephanie for many years. She is a dedicated and fantastic lady. Her best selling books enjoy a Worldwide readership. This is no surprise to anyone who follows Stephanie’s work. Her purpose is helping people find their meaning. She will help guide you from the restrictions of the past into the beauty of the future. Stephanie demonstrates that our lives can enjoy grace and sublime peace. Stephanie’s work is unparalleled; there is nothing similar in the spiritual genre. We could interpret this as a sign of its beautiful intention.

Summer Rose Tarot

Jon Sharpe enjoyed a ‘Ribbon Reading” with Claire at last year’s Lincolnshire Well Being Show. Here is his comment: “I’m a reading addict, I enjoy two or three readings during the shows! I’d never had a ‘Ribbon Reading’ before, and boy was I impressed. Claire explained the way the ribbon reading works, and once the choice is made, her explanation is clear and more importantly – very accurate. I would recommend a ‘Ribbon Reading’ “

Claire’s dedication to the long term success of her clients cannot be questioned: Jon also comments: “Claire offered an interesting and insightful solution to a testing issue. One which was open to me, and at the time could not see. Yes, very good!”. The consultation will begin with a few moments of silent focus, and then the pleasure starts. Visitors will realise they are working with a gifted spiritual medium. Claire offers clear and precise guidance and messages.

Susan Jones Therapies

Interestingly Jon Sharpe has also enjoyed a reading with Susan. Here are his thoughts: “Having had many readings over the last fifteen years, I feel I possess a wide-ranging catalogue of experiences. I love the way Susan brings together the consultation. Some ‘readers’ run away with themselves, they seem to want to take control of their client. Susan has a kind and calm nature, I felt relaxed and at ease and this makes for a comfortable reading. What is fascinating is Susan’s accuracy in interpreting the selection. She begins on one level of information: say practical aspects of my being, and continues until she has guided me to the strengths and weaknesses of my spiritual being. I loved the way Susan took such immense care to clarify her observations, without being prompted by me. I have to say: from my experience: there are an amazing empathy and ‘connection’ between Susan and me. I’ve no doubt any who enjoy a reading with Susan will leave feeling pretty pleased with the session. Yes, I enjoyed the consultation and will have another reading’ 


Tamra and Paul have worked together for over five years. Both are fully qualified professional masseurs and Reiki Masters. They are also qualified in other holistic healing practices, ear candling being one of their other qualifications. Many Visitors enjoy a session with both Tam and Paul during a show! I’m not surprised they have so many regular and faithful clients. Visitors will find them friendly and welcoming, and they will advise you on the most suitable therapy for your aches and pains.

The Witch’s Heart

Eleanor says: “This business is a heart and soul project for me. I wanted to find handmade pieces and tools for ‘the craft’ at affordable prices. I couldn’t do so: so, I began to make my own” and her words provide an insight into the quality and purpose of the product available. Anyone who has an interest in ‘the craft’ will find something of interest here. Eleanor is approachable, kind and engaging, be sure to meet with her over the weekend.

Woodland Trust

We have been supporters of The Woodland Trust for many years. The connection between health, happiness and wellbeing and nature is indisputable. By joining the Woodland Trust, you make a real and long-lasting contribution to this country natural heritage. It is essential to understand the impact woodland and forests have on the wildlife population. Most of our wild animals depend on the woodland infrastructure, without it, we will lose the UK’s most important asset. We must learn to understand the woodland and forests ecological system and The Woodland Trust is here to accomplish this worthy mission.

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