This statement is clear and concise: It is a statement of my and Ian’s commitment to the long term future of The Well Being Shows.

Six years ago we priced our tables for the Market Rasen Show at one-hundred and twenty-five pound per table. The Nottingham Trowell fees were initially one hundred pounds per stall. People were happy to pay the charges: the shows worked well.

Fourteen months later we decided to make the events more accessible to exhibitors. To do this, we lowered the price per table to seventy-five pounds. And remember; this fee was for a whole weekend, not one day. By reducing the amount, we demonstrated that we placed exhibitor’s success before profit. The decision turned out to be successful, the shows thrived.

The Community Driven aspect of the shows is one reason they are growing and gaining recognition. It is heartening to see more Community Members enjoying the potentials of the fraternity. It is without question we are dedicated to helping people thrive and succeed. Of course, the cynic attempts to question our ethos. However, the comments are rumour, supposition and distortion: actions speak louder than words. 

Prestige is Key to Our Future:

We have chosen to use large and prestigious venues because this is the way to attract more significant numbers of Visitors. Unlimited free parking, ease of access and plenty of talk space means the venues cast a spell of attraction. Yes, the venues are more expensive to hire. However, Visitor experience is paramount. A show which is enjoyed means the Visitor returns and often returns with friends. And most of all, our Community can breathe, expand and evolve in the environmental environments: The large grounds of Lincolnshire and Newark Showgrounds and the educational background and beautiful city lake at Nottingham reflect The Community’s purpose and intention.

By providing prestigious venues and consistent promotions; more people become aware of our shows, and experience the potentials of wisdom, knowledge and understanding enjoyed during a visit. Visitors demand more talks and an eclectic blend of Community Members. Our objective is to make each show a memorable day or weekend of entertainment. The Community is rising to the challenges ahead, the changes of layouts, great talk schedules, stage demonstrations are all part of the future. Many are seeing the possibilities of making the shows their domain.

We are extensive record keepers: And we know that lowering the stall prices at Rasen and Trowell worked a little magic. And not (as some would imagine) because it attracted more people to stand. No, the magic occurred because attending Community Members were more comfortable during the show. Because they did not have significant worries about covering or getting near to their overheads. 

More Community Members are beginning to see the reality of our organisation’s work, ethos and integrity. One of the most gratifying moments this week was reviewing the Google analysis of our sites it confirmed:- Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Twitter, and traffic here on LEN is climbing, and ‘sharing and liking’ of posts is increasing beyond expectation. This confirms Community Spirit is having an important effect; we see and ‘feel’ the evolution.

Bookings are looking great for 2019, and there are early bookings for 2020. The announcement of the larger venue at the Newark Showground next year has sparked much interest. The capacity of this building is at least one-hundred and fifty stalls, two stage areas and a forty-five talk schedule mean: our Visitors will love the show, no doubt about it!

The Community Driven aspect of the organisation is why the interest in our shows grows. We think the time is right to structure our 2019 and 2020 prices. Prices are in line with our policy of fairness and integrity. We desire to help Community Members thrive and prosper.

Potential Community Members must consider we do not ask for fifty per cent deposits months ahead of a show. Terms of trading are simple and help Community Members budgets. We are not greedy or profit-driven; we are transparent and fair. You will not find us pestering for money at every hour of the day or asking for fifty per cent deposits for shows which open the doors in nine months time.

The process is to ask for a booking form. It is returned, and we invoice three stage payments. The final amount is to be settled thirty days before the show commences. Let’s be clear; you’ll not get a pint of milk from Tesco, no matter what your circumstance. We have a contract with our venue operators, they have to be paid, as do our bills. The initial deposit is in line with our venues terms, the second payment covers promotion, the third pays the venue and covers expenses: this is the accounting reality. While we are Community Driven it is fair to receive payment of invoices. Do not mistake or confuse the word Community for Charity. A community accepts mutual responsibility and evolution. Community’s help each other, and thrive to mutual advantage. We are responsible, open and fair: A Community follows this precept.

I write in this way because there should be no misconceptions about our ethos and integrity. And because Ian and I are making a long term commitment to The Community. We need to be clear that we still have venues and overheads to pay. And therefore there should be no misunderstanding about the reasons behind this manifesto.

Reducing stand fees is a foolish move. There is a bottom line to stall fee’s: as there is a fixed price for venues. When I sign a five years contract, I am signing an agreement of commitment. I cannot change the place on a whim, and the signature is a commitment to the future of Ian’s and myself’s reputation. If we do not fulfil our promise, we fall as other empires. Ian and I are not playing games; we are committed to the success of all who trust and invest in the future of The Well Being Shows. You must be clear; what is evolving is majestic and influential. We take NOTHING from the organisation: our commitment is to the future of The Well Being Shows. And YES! Mr Cynic, we will eventually receive a dividend, and why not? We work without material reward today because we understand sacrifice and commitment are the seeds of success.

The shows thrive, the demand for stall space is increasing. At some point, the venues will become saturated, and there will be no more space available. How will we deal with this? Some may think we will refer to social media interaction as leverage. The answer is this: The Community will flow like the tides: The three venues will work together to accommodate the demands of OUR Visitors. Three venues, six dates, year-round promotion, and incredible interaction, the waves of evolution will take us to new islands of conceptual ideas.

Community Members and potential Community Members should be clear in their minds. Our ethos and integrity are focused on your success. We will continue to provide the best possible promotion for your shows. We will provide the best venues at sensible, realistic and affordable rates.

We cannot reduce our prices as we did with Rasen and Trowell. However, I have negotiated with our venues to fix your fees for the next twenty months. You MUST be reminded our prices have not changed for two years. Our commitment to the Community’s prosperity when standing at The Well Being Shows must never be doubted. Where else would you get a commitment to long term fixed prices? There are no demands to commit to poor shows which may change venues at a whim. There are no demands, only evidence of continuous promotion and Visitor awareness. Success is is within th eactions of The Community.

Ian and I continue to offer The Community; prestige, ethos, integrity and transparency 365 days each year. We provide the potential of return on investment if the advantage is taken of what is offered. We cannot make anyone share or follow the idea. We provide evidence of how we allocate their investment in every show we organise. The uptake and interaction is the choice of The Community. when the commitment gains one-hundred per cent dedication no one will want for success.

We have a long term commitment to three superb venues. Unsurpassed promotion. Fair and not demanding contracts. We will never pester or be demanding of Community Members. If there is doubt of our intention to produce shows which are superb Community and Visitor experiences let me know and I’ll answer your questions.


Liz Clark: MD LizianEvents Ltd

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