Today’s article contains a short interview with Vic Heyworth, Vic is a Tropic Skincare Ambassador, and she does an excellent job of representing Tropic Skincare. It is evident she has an in-depth knowledge of the superb range of products.

Undoubtedly for any franchise business venture to succeed there needs to be enthusiasm and dedication and Vic has an excel of both. When talking about the products her explanations are clear, well defined and informative.

The Interview:

Vic is Lincoln based, and she attends many local events as a Tropic Ambassador. She is dedicated to making her business succeed. She believes in the quality of Tropic products. Indeed, her family use them every day. Have a look through Vic’s FaceBook business page (link below) to discover more information and the dates of the shows she’ll be attending.

Tropic Skincare is a business run on the highest of ethical standards: here are five example of their dedication to excellence:

We love animals and care about their welfare, so we will never test on them or cause them distress by using derivatives such as lanolin, beeswax or honey.


Our products contain the purest naturally derived ingredients and are free from harmful toxic chemicals.


We believe that what you put on your skin should never be a mystery, therefore we list all of our ingredients in plain English, and include a ‘best before’ date on all our skincare, so you know exactly what’s in your product, and that you’re applying only the freshest ingredients to your skin.


Our products are designed using the richest, most nutritious premium natural ingredients to ensure they are effective on all skin types, even the most sensitive. Your feedback and the beauty awards we continue to receive prove the effectiveness of our products time and time again.


We aim to do as many of our processes in-house as possible, from development to manufacturing and marketing to dispatch, and we look after every element of the business from our Surrey Beauty Kitchen and warehouse. This ensures quality control and enables us to act fast when it comes to bringing you the latest beauty trends and innovations, so your products and the service you receive are the very best they can be.

LizianEvents feel franchise business opportunities can make a significant contribution to becoming a Well Being. We will continue to support all Community Members whose specialisation is a franchised business.

Vic’s Website

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