Vistors to the LizianEvents Well Being Shows enjoy the mix of therapies, readers, holistic goods and retail opportunities. Mel Jones is a well-known retailer of silver jewellery. Mel and her partner Pat embellish the business ethics of integrity and fairness. They source high-quality products and sell at fair prices. Visitors will find them to be approachable and both Mel and Pat are happy to share their wealth of knowledge with all Visitors.

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About Mel-Jay

Mel-Jay was set up in 2006 by myself, Mel, but a few years ago I met Pat in bizarre circumstances (ask us !!), and for the last few years we have run it together. The team comprises one bubbly, outgoing, energetic, enthusiast (Mel) and one vivacious character with a wicked sense of humour (Pat). We love nothing more than giving you a laugh, a smile and a feel-good factor. Our motto is ‘LIVE TO LOVE; LOVE TO LIVE.’

The stall began as a sideline to my colour/crystal work, but it grew…and grew…and grew and when Lizian described it as a ‘magpie’s delight’ I smiled with joy. Pat and I lovingly source quality silver and gold semi-precious and precious gemstone jewellery from around the world, each item handpicked for its unique energies and healing properties. Mel also enjoys creating bespoke items and provides a unique wedding range. Commissions are welcomed from bracelets to tiaras. We also have a sound reputation for rare and unusual crystals/minerals.


The unique and profoundly interesting people that visit our stall are the most important part of our venue. We are privileged to have made many friends who revisit us repeatedly and often attend talks and workshop outside the venues. The fact that Mel can see chakras and has an intuitive and deeply spiritual connection with both her spirit guides and Archangels Michael, Raphael and Azrael allow her to enjoy fruitful discussions about the healing aspects and significance of the colour/crystal combinations you choose.

The question we find difficult is ‘What do you do?’. My answer is usually…… ’I breathe ‘; our focus wholeheartedly is on being of service, helping to make a difference to people’s wellbeing on all levels, to facilitate inner healing and to change perspectives. Understanding one’s experiences and the source of discomfort is a first step to understanding the link between our thoughts and feelings, the flip side of the coin. Everyone should allow their spiritual gifts to blossom. Mel loves helping people unlock their self-awareness, nurturing, inspiring, guiding and supporting them every step of the way.


I was not ‘apparently’ psychic from birth until, aged 14, an old lady turned up at the door and within 2 seconds of leaving completely disappeared. My conscience told me I had failed a test to be of true service; my first wake up call. But I continued to fit into ‘preordained’ boxes. School, Durham University studying Classics and I drifted into teaching( or so I thought), enjoying all age ranges from 4 to 18. My passion is Latin and Ancient Greek GCSE and A level work with private Maths and Science GCSE tuition. I gave up my career the day I was asked to apply for a Deputy Headship. I was expecting and chose to work part time as a cost draftsman and private tutor while bringing up my children, an incredibly rewarding and invaluable experience. But teaching was a qualification I was to need after that.

However, in my thirties I found myself suffering from Coeliac disease and facing a rare but very painful nerve ending condition that put me in bed for almost eight years on and off. The Universe had stopped me in my tracks; I was ignoring my chosen path. Getting myself out of bed, knowing my life had a purpose, was the beginning of the much varied study with some amazing mentors.


For years I have run one to one/group creative meditation classes. The fun began when past life cycles started emerging ( It certainly made for exciting holidays as they started unfolding!)

Lizian first nudged me into card reading, and I soon realised I could read cards without knowing how the information came to me, the start of my claircognizance and throughout the early years was given unexpected clairvoyant and clairaudient experiences, seeing aura colours, even my own. Clairsentience is a dominant feature of my work, and I channel emotion and past illnesses from spirit. But then claircognizance took another turn. I could look at a person and tell them how their chakras were presenting. I could see intricate patterns woven between them. To quote one lady, ‘It’s very weird having a stranger tell you what is going on in your life when you have never met them before.’  Astrology has been an invaluable tool alongside the cards.

I was then synchronically directed into the world of holistic healing and complementary therapies. As a Reiki Master /Teacher Practitioner and Natural Energy healer teaching Reiki, Chakra Reflexology and Deep Chakra analysis is my passion, but I offer modules in Colour/Crystal Therapy too. I enjoy tailor making courses to individual requirements and thoroughly enjoy delivering a comprehensive set of talks/workshops aimed at self-development and self-awareness.

And then I met Hamish, International Earth Energy Dowser, who recognised I was naturally tuned into Earth Energy. He told me I was ‘special’ which made me very uncomfortable, but he virtually slapped my wrists saying I knew the ‘ego trap’ and in trying to avoid it I was ignoring my natural gifts. Everything took off after that., including leyline work, geopathic stress location and house cleansing.

Am I lucky? You bet.  The only warning is….. I love to talk.


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Well, Pat became a therapist after his father had a stroke and he realised by massaging the affected areas there was a significant improvement. So he studied massage and over the years has added many therapies to his repertoire including several Massage Techniques, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Chinese Cupping. He encouraged me to add complementary therapies to my work, and I enticed him into the world of colour/crystal and spiritual development. And to quote Pat ‘The rest is history.’

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