Submissions – We spend hours attending to the details of our businesses. Money invested in the stock. Time spent travelling to markets or trade shows. Maybe you’ll even lease a shop or therapy room and hope your business will prosper.

I could write an essay a week about business practice and promotion. You to take a few months to work out how to use the three most important analytical tools to isolate page reads, internet traffic, demographics and customer base. You could be shown the ways to discover who is looking at your website. And I could prove to you that by tightening your site and following the requirements Google uses to filter websites, you’ll attain more public awareness.

I could comment the most looked at web sites have few pictures and use specific colours. The words used have to come into individual parameters. And the advice would be ignored. 

If you were to connect your website to analysis software, you would be shocked at how few people visit. The site is not a magic wand. There will be people who think FaceBook – Twitter and Instagram provide unlimited free access to your work. Do not be fooled by this limited focus of attention. To make these media streams work, you have to work smart and know how to make them useful marketing tools. There is no inference social media does not affect. Of course, it does: however, it only affects your friends and those linked to your stream.

Groups are super marketing tools. Up to a point and the point is around 1500 people. If you believe connecting a whole host of ‘followers’ will work, evidence proves the high numbers are ineffectual. The need is for active Group members, and while it looks great to see thousands of members. The truth is most are dormant and may not even remember joining. Awhile on the subject of groups, closed or secret groups are not trusted. It is the Freemason’s syndrome.

During a media studies seminar, we looked at LizianEvents News. It has around eight-thousand readers each month. There are seven-hundred articles in the archive. And the archive is readily available. The visitor taps on the search magnifying glass and writes in the keyword. And then a whole list of information appears. Tap in Rick Paul or Astrology or Dale Bannister and everything they have written or contributed to comes onto the screen.

Nothing they have submitted for publication is lost. And you can be sure, their essays and articles are read many times each month. John Richardson and Darren Stanton’s articles have been read thousands of times.

The point is this:

If you wish to promote your work, LizianEvents News is an excellent place to begin. LEN is respected and enjoyed by thousands of people. And the readership is growing. By 2021 there is no doubt in my mind the readership will exceed twenty-thousand each month. And the new visitors will be reading about John Richardson’s hypnosis courses, his “Past Life Revealed” Deck. Readers will read Darren’s articles about the psychology of trading at shows. Many will still read Heather Pedley’s brilliant spiritual essays; the list is endless well seven-hundred anyway! 

Every day Liz receives excellent feedback from people who have read an article. And the power of searching for information about Community Members here on LEN must not be dismissed. It is a growing and influential source of information.

If you are in solved in any aspect of wellbeing, holistic or alternative therapy, a health professional, work in the fields of mental welfare, ecology and this fantastic Planets wellbeing. Or anything focussed on helping people become Well Beings, send in a submission. 

Inspiring Well Being Shows:

We will also publish inspirational articles which help people through their daily lives. If you have a ‘different slant’ on life. If you have a method to be used when the pressure of life increases. Why no tap a few words and half people to become ‘Well Beings’?

We are here to stay: Our continuous development of the shows and this platform is unique as is the idea of Community driven organisation. We grow in strength and numbers. In less than a year our archive of articles will exceed one thousand. This means we will become a substantial internet asset and visitors will grow because of the library of information.

If you wish to add another connection to your work, business, art, skill, therapy or gift, write an article and submit it for publication here on LizianEvents News. You can rest assured, it will be read, and it will find a connection.

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