Community Profiles – Attention all Community Members. I am currently updating and adding to the Community Profiles here on LEN. If you do not have a profile or would like your existing profile updated use the form at the end of the article for changes and additions.

It is essential for you to make an effort to write a few words for your profile. LEN enjoys hundreds of Visitors each day, and the Visitors are worldwide. You cannot underestimate the potential of a customer or client finding out about your work from this powerful daily NewsLetter. 

We no longer list links to Community Members on Show listings. Google Analytic proves beyond doubt Visitor do not use the links. Although it looks impressive, it is pointless. However, our unique platform goes beyond a list of Community Members. Read the following information with care:

Visitors to show pages will read this notice:

If you require more information about an individual Community Member. Click on the magnifying glass search symbol at the top of the page and type in the name. You will be directed to articles which contains information about the attendee.

You can try the search link yourself:

It is active and provides a vast amount of information about Community Members and their involvement in the shows. Not just the present data, but everything contributed. All Community Profiles are being updated and will provide a more in-depth source of information for Visitors. You can even search a single word or name, the system will source the information.

From early May Visitors to LEN will be able to discover information about every Community Member. Because of this, there may be certain days when two or even three articles are published during a twenty-four hour period. Information about this will be posted on two items this coming week.

It is in your interest to take a few moments to provide some necessary information. I have created a simple form for you to use. I will contact you for an image if I do not have one on file. I cannot overstate the fact that your profiles have a great possibility of being read by daily Visitors LizianEvents News.

Use the form if you intend or are thinking about becoming a Community Member. Put in as much information as possible. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT GRAMMAR OR SPELLING we will edit the submission. You can write as many words as desired. Although around two hundred is enough. To give you an idea about word count his article is three – hundred and fifty hundred words long. It is suggested you write out your submission and copy and paste it into the relevant box: Many Thanks and please share this article.

An Example of the new Community Profiles will be posted on Thursday (21 March) – Michelle Durrant is first to update her profile.

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