The shows are all about becoming and Well Being. The focus yesterday and today is about defeating the black dog otherwise known as depression or bipolar.

The shows are all about ways of becoming a Well Being. The focus over the next two days is all about deleting the black dog otherwise known as depression or bi-polar.

Jon and I have talked about the issues of the darkness many times. Both of us know the depths of its symptoms. Jon’s episode took him into a darker place than mine. We now live in freedom and without chains. During our lunchtime dialogue, we decided to record a free flow and unedited moment of our thoughts.

Happy as Any Man Can Be

Please forgive the quality of the recordings. Jon and I felt recording in a public area would give more weight the conversation. We have no intention other than making sufferers aware that there is light ahead. Jon is convinced talking freely about the symptoms of the dis-ease is one the first steps to freedom.

Part Two – The conversation is not edited:


If you have any comments or would prefer to write an article about bipolar or depression we are sure it will provide help to sufferers. Depression is often suffered in silence: Never is there a truer statement than ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’

Have a look-see at the NHS Website which is focussed on depression you’ll find a broad spectrum of information about the disease and its treatments.

The important aspect of the two posts are awareness and to be without fear of the shadows. It is easy to think no one cares or understands. Fact is there are many who understand and are willing to exchange their views.


If you feel up to sharing your views and/or experiences of ‘the darkness’ please submit your article on the form below. You never know; your words may change someone’s life for the better.

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  1. I will always be there for whoever needs me for support, having battled with the black dog for a great number of years and survived, my tip is learning to recognise cues and managing yourself you will instinctively know when you aren’t in the right head space, don’t make any major decisions, look who you can open upto and ride out the storm because if you are here reading this then you have done it before and you can do it again, much love and bright blessings Rick.

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