Sunday Thoughts: Today I am in Lincoln: We are promoting The Lincolnshire Well Being Show this weekend. Ian and I are convinced the need to push the shows must be continuous. We believe shows will prosper if Visitors know we are here! And every opportunity will be taken to promote and increase Visitor awareness.

The line up for this show is looking superb. After two years of continuous cultivation, we begin to see the seeds of the early days starting to grow. I am not going to release all the format of the show for another two weeks. And you can be sure this show will be the best Visitor experience so far.


One of the best parts of promotion is making our LizianEvents Well Being Videos. The impact these productions should not be underestimated. Last month (May 2019), our productions were watched to completion by over four hundred people. I have recorded Lincolnshire Well Being Show information this weekend, and these promotional videos will be sent out on the Visitor email list within the next ten days.

When the recording finished at Newstead Abbey last week, I asked Ian to record a few extra words. I did not put too much thought into the recording. The sentiment is we are achieving our objectives: and ‘we’ means The Community and the organisation.

Incidentally: Philip asked why I always use a ‘stick microphone’ – The answer is it is best for interviews and voice isolation. The wind at Newstead was pretty brisk, and even though there is some wind noise, the recording is reasonably clear. And the microphone has become a signature which viewers remember. In the same way as the title ‘Inspirational Well Being Shows’ are recognised as a LizianEvents organised event.

See You Soon

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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