A short article this morning. The response to our future of LizianEvents video is encouraging. We will announce the new genre of the show late August. I excited about the potential of this event and look forward to watching it flourish.

In the video, we talk about the strength of diversity. By building a portfolio of events, we can pool our profits to build a robust infrastructure of promotion. Even though the new show is not related to the Well Being brand: there will be Visitors who’ll have an interest in what the show will have to offer. Therefore the LizianEvents Organisation becomes stronger, and it is this strength which will benefit both The Community and Visitors.

Talking to a new Community Member this week she asked: ‘It’s interesting you are commercially focussed. Do you find this dilutes the ‘spiritual’ aspects of your work?’ This is an interesting question: here is the answer: 

‘We know there are different reasons for attending as a Community Member. However, from our perspective, all who invest their time and money in our organisation MUST be certain we do our very best to bring Visitors to the events. It is not that we are driven by money (how can we be? We do not take a wage from the company) our feeling is people see the way we attain objectives. And for many, this is the reason they support our vision.

Money and spiritual ideas have always been oil and water. An avoidance by some spiritual people deflects from the reality they run profit based businesses. There are many wealthy ‘spiritual’ gurus in the world: Their message is confusing, on the one hand, they say ‘there is more to life than money’, and on the other, the comment is ‘buy my products, they are the secret to wealth’. The LizianEvents Organisation is a business which offers opportunities for people to find ways to prosperity. But to really succeed they must take advantage of the facilities we offer. And this means promoting what they do at the Well Being Shows. 

This organisation has foundational principals which flow through the business choices. And this means we consider the whole Community, not individuals when decisions are made. You may find this answer avoids the question: ‘It’s interesting you are commercially focussed. Do you find this dilutes the ‘spiritual’ aspects of your work?’ So, I’ll clarify: 

One family love each other without question. Even so, the parents waste money and the home is in poor repair, the food is processed and holidays are few and far between. Another family love and care for each other: the kids are encouraged to be independent. The parents are financially responsible, looking after the home, providing fresh and natural food. They save money for the future of the whole family. Holidays are seen as a reward for the effort made over the year. Which way do you think our organisation is run?

The video runs for twelve minutes, and if you wish to understand about our work, the conversation offers subtle insight into the ethos and transparency of our work. And yes: we are proud of what is being created, and there is no problem with talking about our roots.

See You At The Lincolnshire Well Being Show

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  1. HOW EXCITING! I can’t wait for the big revelations of your future plans and genres!

    I have complete trust and confidence that since it is a Lizian project , it will be meticulously planned and organised , leading to successful results!

    I feel lucky and privileged to belong to the Lizian Community as I KNOW that the Lizian ORGANISATION ( led by dedicated Liz & Ian) will always take great care of us, its Members, and of course also our dear Visitors.

    THANK YOU ever so much, Ian and Liz.
    I am looking forward to ‘the Future with Lizian’, with great anticipation xxx Brigitte

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