The countdown begins to the Lincolnshire Well Being Show and we will be listing attending Community Members on a daily basis. If you are attending this show: make it known to as many people as possible by clicking the links found at the top and bottom of this article. It only takes a second to share a whole weekend of Well Being experience. See You There:


Paula will introduce Visitors to a superb health product. The Isagenix range has a Worldwide reputation for quality and effectiveness. If you have a need to lose weight and keep it off, talk to Pauls and her team. They will provide the evidence of the effectiveness of the Isagenix. The increasing number of agents must be seen as rock solid evidence of Isagenix’s effectiveness. Talk to the team during the show and sample there revitalising orange drink: It is brilliant!

Iza Moon – Songstress – Poet and Story-Teller

Everyone loves Iza! I had to think carefully about leaving this introduction on the page. So I asked some of our friends for their opinion. There is not one who did not begin with ‘She’s lovely, or I love Iza’ Meet her, and you’ll come to the same conclusion. Iza is a wonderful and unique person: an individual who holds kindness within her Being. While talking to Iza, you sense her soul, a spiritual lady who lives her beliefs. This is not only my opinion; these are the sentiments of my friends: During Iza’s performances, the audience enjoys lessons of truth, honesty and love. Most will leave with a life long memory of the experience: We love Iza’a work, and her songs are chosen as background music for the show. Visitors can purchase Iza’s CDs from her stall. Incidentally, the recording is brilliant ‘before sleep’ meditations.

Jade Shaw – Astral Coach

Jade’s work is unique. She has immense knowledge which will help many people discover the spiritual self. Those of you on a spiritual journey will benefit from a consultation with Jade. You will find her wisdom  brings clarity and understanding to many aspects of Astral work  Jade’s presentations are brilliant and interesting.Visitors are encouraged to talk with Jade this weekend, an opportunity not to be missed. Here is a quote from her website “I invite you to lift the veil of perception, go beyond the body and embrace your multidimensional self for the purpose of…” Talk to Jade and find out more.

Jill Fraser – Ear Candles

Eliza has been a friend for tens of years. She is an established teacher of various holistic and alternative therapies. In this short introduction, we focus on Eliza’s Jill Fraser range of ear candling therapies and products. Visitors return to Eliza time and again for an ear cleansing. One reason is the candles are the finest available. Another is Eliza’s expertise and years of experience. She became the owner of The Jill Fraser Ear Candles ten years ago. It is a testament to her success that she continues to teach Holistic and Alternative therapists in their use today.

Don’t forget there will be sixty brilliant talks and presentations and two stage areas at the show. And this is a child-friendly show with a well being related activity area: Full details here ☞SHOW DETAILS

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