Yes, the show has worked well today: We have enjoyed reasonable footfall and superb feedback from Vistors. Many have expressed sadness that this is the final Well Being Show at this venue and others are 101% in favour of the move to The Lady Eastwood Centre.

The extra talk area is well received, Liz and I feel we should have made this move earlier. Still, we listened to Visitors comments and the open plan talk area worked: as the two open plan areas worked at The Lincolnshire Well Being Show.

I feel the blend of Community Members worked well and all should be pleased with the way the format has worked. There is no doubt the Community Spirit is taking hold, a good percentage of Community and Vistors are seeing the advantage in solidarity and connection. I will write more about this in Monday’s full review: But after listening to Visitor comments today there is clear evidence the Community-driven format is making an impact on all involved in the growing and strong Community. Well done every one of you you are leaving magical memories in the minds of all who visit The Well Being Shows:

Let us see how Sunday works for us: No doubt The Community will provide the Vistors with another superb day of Well Being Enjoyment.


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