Liz Clark’s Sunday Thoughts – When the 2020 booking forms went out last week, I knew we would enjoy a good response. My guess was right every show in 2020 has already attained a high take up of Community Members.

When looking back at the take up of bookings for 2019 and then comparing them to this week’s replies: I see a fantastic difference. Two of the 2020 dates are almost fully booked. While I’m pleased as punch with this progress. There is also sadness that some Community Members have been a little slow off the mark and will not be able to stand in the coming year. There will be no confirmation of bookings until the deposits are received. So no lists are available at the moment.

Ian and I are determined to issue attending Community Lists and Talk Schedules early in 2020. If you feel next year is the one to begin to talk to a broader audience and increase Visitor awareness of your work, then send in your talk information.

I can confirm the price for the shows are still fixed for 2020 as promised. And also, as promised, we offer reasonable stand prices for the Newark Well Being Show now held in the Lady Eastwood Centre. I will do everything possible to make the financial aspects of the Well Being Shows as attractive as possible.

During a conversation at last months, Newark Well Being Show Ian was informed that exhibitors are now seeking information about the cost of hiring venues. You are welcome to talk to our sites about hire costs. And before you work out how much we are making from each show, I’d ask you to take the figure of £20671:00 divided by seven. The number is £2953:00. And add that to every show organised. Seven shows: and twenty-one thousand pounds of administration: This total is for equipment, printing, fuel, repair and renewals, promotion, contribution to rent and travel expenses. I write of this, so there is NO misunderstand on the floor of our events. As you know, we have a policy of 100% transparency.

Make no mistake: the shows are changing. Those who wish to succeed will do so with connectivity and understanding. We should all understand there is no room for doubt of our ethos. The Community needs to know how we utilise the investments they make. Investments? Yes: money and time are the investments made. We have to demonstrate that we make wise choices to ensure the future growth of the organisation.

Our choice was to bring down the table costs at The Lady Eastwood Centre. One) to help the show thrive and 2) to help Community Members financially. Ian and I will watch how this is acknowledged over the next fourteen months. And we may make adjustments at other shows if we feel the take-up increases due to concessions. Concessions? Yes, we are considering ways to align discounts with sharing and promotions of the shows. Nothing set in stone: However, there are distinct possibilities in this arrangement.

We have a ‘Full House’ for the Nottingham Well Being Show, and I’m looking forward to a new layout for the show floor: It is a different style of building, and there are many layout options available. We have beautiful talk rooms and excellent children’s activity room. Children friendly shows are very much part of the 2020 agenda. And we have some significant changes for children and parents next year.

The Nottingham Well Being Show is set to be a wonderful event. Remember this show is taking over from where Nottingham-Trowell left off. We enjoyed a significant following at the Festival Hall, and our Nottingham followers are showing immense interest in the Well Being Show.

That’s all for this ‘Sunday Thoughts’ watch out for a very extensive article next week. It is one I’ve been working on for over three weeks and is sure to be controversial.

See You Soon

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd


  1. A customarily good piece.

    An event organiser that does not make a profit will fold. It is the exhibitors’ interests that the event organiser makes a profit.

    The event organiser must provide maximum footfall, with the biggest pockets, staying for the longest time. The exhibitor must provide a compelling sales proposition. It is a symbiotic relationship.

    Exhibitors have to play their part too in promoting themselves, and the show. Yet there does become a point whereupon the network is exhausted. That is where Event Organisers have to determine whether a particular show has reached its cost effective peak. The point at which spending more money promoting elicits increasingly weaker results.

    The heart of MBS shows will always be in the Village Hall. Small, low costs, established traders, and a regular clientele who trust the event – when done well, they are a very good model. At the other end of the scale, the apogee of MBS are the Arena events at the NEC and Olympia, with £1500 table fees, £15 admission, and £12 car parking. Any exhibitor has to determine where they fit in.

    Lizian have done well to encompass both Barry John’s local Pure Spirit shows, and the Lincoln Epic Centre. There is something for everyone.

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