This is a fascinating and well-presented talk given by Cassie of Oraphim at the July Well Being Show: I have chosen to present the recording without editing: a testament to the quality of information and the clarity of the information.

Listen to Cassie’s Presentation:


The background behind Oraphim:

Richard, in his past, has made many proofs of concept ‘free energy’ devices, including Tesla coils, earth battery’s, radiant energy devices & is an energy sensitive empath. Rich was an Operating Theatre Technician in Sheffield UK, responsible for the workings of all the machines involved in life-saving & child birthing operations. During his employment, Richard was part of a team testing & introducing the ‘Cell Saver’ equipment, which separates blood and amniotic fluid through vortexing, delivering the cleaned blood straight back to the patient during an operation.

Cassie trained & worked as a Community Arts & Health Engagement Practitioner and Community Development Worker & Artist in many settings, often a lead Artist in Residence on to various projects with Sheffield University (UK) as an external Collaborator & with a variety Dr’s & Professors, devising & delivering many medical educational exhibits & teaching tools & artworks.

Now together, our intention is to make Shungite information and products available, in easy, useable, affordable and beautiful forms, to bring Shungites’ magical properties to the masses with our very personal approaches and be a part of the shungite solution for all sentient life forms and for all beautiful environments to thrive and experience their potential best through this quantum connection.

You can meet Cassie and Richard at many Well Being Shows: They are really approachable and interesting people. They have no problems with expressing their knowledge and working through your questions. Very interesting people indeed.

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  1. Richard and Kassee ran a Workshop on Shungite Jewellery making at Jane Osborne’s Mystic Magic in the Forest Retreat recently – it was very well received, with everyone buying loads of their stock.

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