Good Morning everyone: My thoughts today are focused on the word ‘opportunity’. I wonder if people realise why some opportunities are lost and others grasped? Our belief (I and myself) is that opportunity is a moment when one’s instinct meets a vast horizon of choice. One does not find an opportunity in a single fixed idea, although a concept can be taken into an arena which offers opportunities!

When Community Members book the shows, there could be more to consider than a venue and a table. Some take a broad view of what is on offer others not: Talk presenters, and people who fine-tune their stalls will increase their probability of success. The successful trust their instincts and take advantage of the facilities we offer. Recording talks and writing articles or soon taking part in the weekly LizianEvents News podcasts. They know connecting between shows is paramount to success at a Well Being Show. The point I make is that if all worked in unison, the connecting effect would be incredible. Of course, those who do not participate will be advantaged by those who do contribute to show promotion and success. This is the way of life some act: and those who watch and often complain.

Why would anyone wish to attend any event and not take advantage of the opportunity to meet, greet, converse, and benefit from the opportunity? It seems strange (not just to me and Ian) that the immense opportunity to prosper is wasted with wandering the floor of the show. There is no apology for this statement. When the Visitor sees the empty space, they will spend their time elsewhere. Wandering is often the result of perceived slow trading. However, it is important to remember people no longer buy on impulse, and they take time when and where to spend their money. And purchases are made where interest is shown.  

So I wonder why people do not take advantage of the opportunities available? It is of little use blaming the ‘show’ (and I write of any show in the calendar). The show is the Community, and many of the Community thrive. The way to consider the opportunity is this: There is an event ahead in time: The choice is to let Visitors know you will be attending and Vistors must understand what is available. Now, the trick is this; informing friends about everything other than what you do makes magic happen! Because the FACT is; friends, family and customers already know what you do. Therefore they have less incentive to attend the event. By sharing the work of other people, share the show Community lists and talks schedule, you may well get them to participate in the show.

If the choice is to be busy: take the opportunity to inform before the show, use the daily posts and promote other people’s work. It is too late to walk the floor and ask people for their advice or thoughts about how to attract Visitors to a stall. Indeed, attending a show is for trading, promotion and a material return. This can NEVER happen if the station is left unattended.

Over the years, I have seen many people fail or give up their hopes of success. Worse of all is the certainty they possessed an idea or business which had immense potential. The sadness is that too much early expectation clouded the reality of longterm investment in time and effort. There is no better opportunity than the connections The Well Being Shows offer. It is impossible to win without practice and commitment. As Campbell Wallace says: ‘Persistence and consistency is the reason for our success’. It is not possible to gain a following without immense dedication to the purpose.

Last week I spoke to a man who will be standing at The 2020 Well Being Shows. He is new to the show arena. He was amazed at the depth of LizianEvents News. He was stunned there was no charge for talk-time. He could not get his head around the assets available to Community Members for the cost of a stand. And, interestingly, LEN was as interesting to him as the Well Being Shows. I find it fascinating that many new Community Members talk about inter-show activity as a reason to join the tribe.

A Well Being Show is an immense opportunity to promote skills, therapies, goods and business. But remember this certainty, one has to see and take advantage of the opportunity. It is a weekend of potential like no other: It is a market-place without the commitment of a lease or weekly rental. And every Visitor IS a potential customer or future client. And remember Vistors attend the shows to find ways to become a Well Being. Never miss the opportunity to connect.

The Well Being Shows cannot guarantee success although the Well Being shows should be considered as a success. Next years shows have immense numbers of Community Members already booked, and I see this as a gauge of progress. However, one has to take advantage of the opportunity The Well Being Shows provide.

Our last show of the year is a Mind Body and Spirit Show. Visitors will see we have focussed on the genre of MBS. There will be plenty of mediumistic demonstrations, holistic and alternative healing will be paramount as will the aspect of spiritual counsellors: we also have three health supplement consultants who fit perfectly with the ‘body’ aspect of the show.

Over the next two weeks, Community and Visitors will see an immense amount of social media promotion. I invite you to share the work of your fellow Community Members and make this MBS style show one to remember.

See You Soon

Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd


  1. I enjoyed this.

    Campbell’s words reminded me of one of my favourite sayings – “Failure cannot live with persistence”.

    We also have to ensure that the action we are persisting with is well-judged. Two people might dig a hole for a well. One has researched well and strikes water, the other has not, and does not. But both expend the same energy per foot dug.

  2. You want success? THINK AHEAD- Grab opportunities -BE THERE- SHARE . LizianEvents​ offer an astonishing range of ways to PROMOTE YOURSELF & your services/ products… You’d be daft not to have a go & join our Community! 🙂

  3. We look at all the LizianEvents as part of structured plan to market and network. It has to be used with social media, collecting customer details, following up leads etc. Also maximising face to face contact with potential clients. People are at the events because they are interested in what services and products we sell and information we provide , as a community, so you are half way there.
    The other thing is you have to think long term and provide offers …..we often get clients who we spoke to about our Traditional Japanese Reiki and EFT Tapping courses several shows ago signing up.

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