Ian and Eric talk Shows – During the Nottingham Well Being Show, I interviewed The Mansfield Mind Body and Spirit Show organiser Eric Henderson. Our conversation covered ‘Shows’ and abundance.

Listeners will discover a real insight into certain aspects of show organisation. I enjoy Eric’s insight into the Mansfield MBS Show footfall and dwell times. Eric’s comments on The Nottingham Well Being Show and its potential will be interesting to both Community Members and Visitors. Incidentally, I’m keen to distribute unedited recordings, as listeners receive more insightful opinions and ideas.

The recording is in two parts: First is focussed on show insights and the last four minutes offer opinions into success and abundance. Many thanks for listening:


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Eric Henderson

Listeners will find Eric’s opinion of the footfall potential for The Nottingham Well Being Show interesting. If his prediction comes to fruition there will be some happy people in Nottingham 🙂

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