Four Announcements for 2020 – We have four announcements today:

One is in line with our ongoing policy of helping The Community attain better visibility and promotion. The second is a brilliant way of producing a continuous income-stream, and the third is a Community-Visitor connection. The Forth is the first date announcement for the Pure Spirit Shows. Interested parties can use the contact form at the end of the article. Full write-ups will follow tomorrow, Thursday, Friday and Monday.

1. Mentoring Days:

We have received numerous requests for further information regarding the 2020 Mentoring courses. Here are the dates:

15 March
30 August
11 October

We will announce the Nottingham Venue on 20 December.

2. Online Courses:

We will help interested Community Members produce World-Class online courses. The modules will be in video form followed by an online questionnaire. Every class will be certificated, and students can be sure of the accreditation status. This addition will be an excellent way of making a substantial residual income. Payment for courses is made through LizianEvents Courses Ltd and royalties are paid monthly.

The course platform is already live on LizianEvents News.

3. Community Interaction Page:

February 2020 will see a new and open Community interaction page on LizianEvents News. The format will be similar to a mini Facebook. Community and Visitors will be able to post unlimited information about their work. Therapists and readers can offer early show appointments. Retailers can offer products, deals and sales. The page will be image and contact enabled.

4. Pure Spirit Shows:

The first date is 28 + 29 November and the venue will be the Cedric Ford Pavilion. In the first instance, apply to attend using the booking form below. Full details of the show and parameters for Community Members will be published this week.

Yes, plenty is happening for 2020. If you want to be connected and learn more about the new additions, use the form below:

See You Soon

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