First Question: What is the Visitor attendance figures?

Saturday: 187
Sunday: 233
Total: 420 Visitors

As always, readers are reminded we do not count Visitors who attend on both days of a weekend’s event. Many organisations count everyone involved, we do not count Community Numbers or venue staff.

Did the show impress? The answer has to be “YES!”

Gary Longdon’s comment on John Richardson’s Facebook wall: Thank you Reverend for taking time out yesterday to chat, Lizian came up trumps again with a great show.”

“Back home after a brilliant, fun, busy weekend at Newark MBS. Got to say a big thank you to LizianEvents Group and Ian Timothy.. from Crystal Carols for such a great weekend, to all the community.”

Independent comments have more impact than my own observations. However, I wholeheartedly agree with the tens of positive comments to be found on many social media streams. Let’s be clear. not every Community Member thrived; indeed there were a few who had a very hard show indeed. Readers of LEN, Visitors and Community Members should be assured we will be making changes to help all Community Members during 2020. While we can never assure Community Members of success: We CAN assure we will provide the best possible promotional platforms. And those who use them, are indeed thriving. One announcement I can make here is I will be presenting social media and self-promoting mentoring days during 2020. Barrie John and John Richardson will be joining me on these occasions. I would recommend attending these mentoring days if you wish to gain more clients.

The catering at Cedric Ford was transformed this weekend: They listened to Liz’s comments after the last event. Many thanks to Brian and his team for providing vegan and vegetarian options, plus a changed menu which provided a healthy range of fast food options.

The music is well and truly sorted. We made a massive financial commitment to our background music. The twelve-hour copyright-free loop has really made a difference. Everyone asked about the quality of the sound and volume gave positive feedback. End of problem.


Newark MBS: LizianEvents Ltd

The talks were reasonably well attended and all were enjoyed by attending Visitors. No doubt Saturday’s attendance was affected by the heavy fog and the flow of Vistors from the show floor to the talk room was noticeable. A number of talks were recorded and they will be ready for distribution during December and January.

Open Talk Area:

Open Talk Area: Newark MBS: LizianEvents Ltd

It was important to test this concept fully. Community Members who used the facility had no problem with the open talk area. Visitors were happy with the arrangement. We will utilise this to best advantage during 2020.

Open Talk Area: Newark MBS: LizianEvents Ltd

This show was the pilot event for the Pure Spirit Shows beginning during 2020. Announcements of changes to the trading parameters for readers and holistic therapists are soon to be made. The changes will be in line with the need to make substantial changes to the way shows are perceived by Visitors. Anyone who cannot see the way shows are developing and Visitor attitude is changing will be left behind in the evolution of shows. There is an imperative need to make the shows align with the demand of the Visitors. We intend to make specific changes in the two areas of the show experience. Readers and therapists will be helped to prosper.

For examples, Reader feedback forms will become a requirement and will be reviewed as part of ongoing Visitor support. As will an open pricing structure which will have to be accepted before a booking is taken. Varying reader methods will be prioritised. Therapists will be given a very beneficial attendance incentive, which will help them during the year. It will become imperative for all involved in Pure Spirit Events to partake in the promotion and provide information about their work and ability. We are certain Pure Spirit Events have an amazing future ahead. We have the opportunity to produce a new identity with this new show. The lessons of this weekend will help in the future design and prosperity of the Pure Spirit Shows. Our feeling is a tight and close Community of exemplary members will encourage Visitors to the shows. This weekend’s Community are a near-perfect example of how the shows will evolve.

“Had a wonderful weekend at the Mind Body and Spirit Festival with Lizian Events. Such a gorgeous bunch of people, enjoyed tall stories, smiles, lots of HUGS! Ha. Loads of them. We were shrouded in fog all day Saturday. It felt like being in Shambala, above the clouds with a quiet buzz of a few brave souls and traders.”
Charlotte Jane Kessler – Community Member

Newark MBS: LizianEvents

I walked the floor for the whole weekend. I have spoken to many Visitors, some who I have known for over ten years. Their comments and needs will become part of the future of Pure Spirit and the Well Being Shows. I know there will be resistance to the changes ahead. But, be sure, we are not playing games, this is a Community based organisation and we work for the whole Community NOT individuals.

And here is where I write of the greatest aspect of this show. There was a real sense of a Community connected over this weekend. Our Community has no place for the ego or individuals who cannot see the ethos and objectives set out nearly three years ago. Liz and I do not fool ourselves, there is a long way to go before the power of a unified Community is fully recognised. And when this happens a unified Community will attract the target attendance numbers. It IS true our shows do not work for some people: and that is the way of many aspects in life! This weekend I saw a brilliant group of people provide Visitors with a day or weekend to remember. Nothing can take away the achievements made over the last year. Many thanks for your contribution and support.

LIzianEvents: Newark MBS

See You Soon


  1. A very honest, and open, review.

    I only attended as a visitor on Sunday, having made my way back, very slowly, from Luton Airport in the Saturday morning fog. There can be no doubt that for a predominantly older audience, the persistent fog of Saturday will have dissuaded many from venturing out anywhere.

    I had the chance to chat to Ian and Liz on Sunday. What struck me was their realistic appraisal of the show’s successes, and determination to improve those things that could be improved upon. That comes from this review too.

    I mentioned a few observations to Ian. He was able to provide me with useful background information on some observations, and enthusiastically endorse the need for change on others. I would encourage all to talk through what they are thinking with Liz and Ian too. Everyone has a contribution to make.

    I am fortunate to attend a variety of fairs and festivals of various genres, evolution is an irresistible force. If we do not evolve faster than the competition, we will go backwards. I encourage everyone to be involved in shaping the future.

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