Online Courses – The idea of online courses has been in my mind since the creation of LEN. Initially, my thought was to build classes for Community Members and distribute using a platform such as Thinkific. There are many good arguments to follow the first idea, although I desired to have more control over the course distribution.

Over the last three months, I have tested three different course platforms, and I have finally settled on a robust WordPress design. It allows for full control and distribution of the courses and allows for decent profit margins for both course tutor/creators and LizianEvents Courses Ltd. This question must be addressed: the share is 50/50 of the nett income.

What does the tutor/creator receive from LizianEvents Courses Ltd (LEC Ltd)? Your course is professionally produced and edited. We create the course from beginning to end; there is no need to do anything other than concentrate on the course and its content. Consider the fact a typical course will consist of three or four half-hour videos. There will be online notes and tests as part of the coursework. We also have to distribute and promote the course. We envisage courses will need updates and probably additional modules.

To edit and administer a course is no easy task. We have to invest an immense amount of time and finance into producing the finished modules. In truth, compleating a project is beyond the ability or reach of most people. If there is any chance of success, it seems sensible to have the best possible production, with an excellent distribution platform.

What could be earned?

Once the course is finished, a price is set: As an example; a course which sells for £20:00 has an administration fee of £4:00 per sale. This leaves eight pounds return for the tutor/creator and the same for LEC Ltd. We will reinvest our profit into media production equipment and in the long term studio facilities. If the course is worthy of interest selling a thousand courses per annum should be a reasonable target. That is just twenty sales Worldwide each week. A figure which is attainable, there is every reason to think carefully about producing an excellent course. A twenty pounds course could earn a return of eight-thousand pounds per annum.

The subject can vary: Remember we are running the Creativity Connected Show in July 2020. And I have produced a ‘How to use a 35mm Film Camera’ course which will be available on the platform. Barrie John’s ‘Spiritual Awareness’ course will also be available. You could be a ‘Yoga expert’ or ‘Meditational Guru’ or why not a ‘Course on Mindfulness’ or ‘Mindset’? The suggestion is if you have considered writing a book, would it transfer to a course?


The tutor/creator owns the copyright to their course. LEC Ltd holds all the media rights relative to the course. This means if the course owner/creator decided to take their course to another platform or distributor, we would ask for the balance of the production costs. We would remove the course from our platform and still stay friends. I do not anticipate issues with tutor/creators, as we follow our ethos of openness and transparency. This article is transparent and without hidden factors.

It Is NOT Easy:

Do not think you can write a few notes, stand or sit in front of a camera and make a course. There is a need to think carefully about the Introduction – Lessons – Exams – Follow on and even answers to student’s questions. The Q&A aspect needs great thought and will take some hours to formulate a functional Q&A page. The production will require images, documentation and hours of editing. Not only this, some recordings will require additional footage and reworking. Yes! There will be hours of work before the first video recording, but, once completed presenters will enjoy a feeling of unprecedented inner reward and accomplishment.

Online Courses are The Future:

People have a thirst for knowledge and understanding. They also have busy lives and can no longer make longterm commitments to learning. One has to be dedicated to a subject and travel for weeks to attain an understanding of a subject. And very often, students are left without a real grasp of the subject. A well-produced online course has the advantage of being assessable 24/365, and the student can return to ‘difficult’ aspects time and again. A well-presented course helps students interact and learn between their selves. The advantages are apparent, as is the fact online courses offer value for money.

Tutor/Creators will gain a reputation for their work and expertise. Follow-up advantages are ‘one to one’ mentoring. Live one-day workshops, book sales and paid appearances. Nothing has a more significant potential for the dedicated tutor/creator. Anywho choose to use this new addition to the LizianEvents Portfolio and are prepared to put in the time and dedication to produce the very, very best course will, in the longterm change the lives of tens of students.

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