Liz Clark’s Sunday Thoughts: 8:12:19 – Comments like this are the reason for organising the shows.

“I have had the most fantastic weekend, hats off Liz Lizian Ian timothy Giovanni d’Acuto, bloody brilliant! What a perfect way to end the season. Spending 2days in the company of great friends with beautiful energy, that’s not work, that’s fun. I genuinely love what I do, and am incredibly grateful xxx far too many thank you’s to mention but THANK YOU! – Michelle”

The four announcements made this week are an indication of how we intend to take the organisation. Here is a reminder of Wednesday’s article:

“Four Announcements for 2020 We have four announcements today. One is in line with our ongoing policy of helping The Community attain better visibility and promotion. The second is a brilliant way of producing a continuous income-stream, and the third is the first date announcement for the Pure Spirit Shows. Interested parties can use the contact form at the end of the article. Full write-ups will follow tomorrow, Thursday, Friday and Monday.

Mentoring Days:

We have received numerous requests for further information regarding our 2020 Mentoring courses. Here are the dates:

15 March
30 August
11 October

We will announce the Nottingham Venue after conformation.

Online Courses:

We will help interested Community Members produce World-Class online courses. The modules will be in video form followed by an online questionnaire. Every class will be certificated, and students can be sure of the accreditation status. This addition will be an excellent way of making a substantial residual income. Payment for courses is made through LizianEvents Courses Ltd and royalties are paid monthly.

The course platform is already live on LizianEvents News.

Community Interaction Page:

February 2020 will see a new and open Community interaction page on LizianEvents News. The format will be similar to a mini Facebook. Community and Visitors will be able to post unlimited information about their work. Therapists and readers can offer early show appointments. Retailers can offer products, deals and sales. The page will be image and contact enabled.

Pure Spirit Shows:

The first date is 28 + 29 November and the venue will be the Cedric Ford Pavilion. In the first instance, apply to attend using the booking form below. Full details of the show and parameters for Community Members will be published this week.”

Yes, plenty is happening during 2020. And by the look of the emails arriving from people showing interest for the courses, mentoring days community interaction page and bookings for the ‘Pure Spirit’ shows 2020 will be a busy and ‘event-full’ year.

An astute Community Member asked if we were taking on too much by announcing the additional assets. My answer is: we would not do anything which stretched our resources or abilities. The reality is we have to keep advancing. Stagnation is not in our vocabulary! We will push the horizons to encompass as many Visitors as possible, let’s face it, we have only scratched the surface of the possibilities available to the Community.

The additional assets here on LEN will bring more Visitors to its pages. The more Visitors to LEN inevitably brings more to the shows and events. We were never in any doubt of the significant changes which had to occur to the show’s identity. Yes! We have lost Community Members along the way: however, we have gained many new Community Members with a greater diversity of products, therapies, counselling abilities and skills.

The need to expand diversity is essential to our success. For example, it is of no use filling ‘Pure Spirit’ Shows with readers a one in five ratios is as far as we will take reader/spiritual counsellor numbers. This means a sixty stand show will have NO MORE than fifteen readers and in fact, we will cap the number to twelve. We feel a show full of readers is of no long term use to our organisation. Diversity is the word for 2020!

One only has to look through the Facebook comments following last weekend’s Mind Body and Spirit Show to see where The Community is taking the shows. It is simply impossible to ignore the positive and generous comments made by: Gary Longdon, Carol Wallace, Michelle Durrant, Charlotte Jane Kessler and Barrie John to name just a few. Leaving aside the tens of Visitor compliments The Community’s shows are gaining immense and universal recognition for producing ground-breaking events.

It seems to me that we are cracking the sharing and caring nut! More people see the results of reading LizianEvents Group and sharing the posts. I cannot decide if the sharing interaction or the growing acceptance of the Community Spirit gives the greatest pleasure. There are pointers to an awakening, or realisation of the potential of universal success for all Community Members. Eric said in an interview this week: ‘I suspect there are some people who attend these shows, not just for the money’. Until I listened to his opinion, I thought I was the only one who suspected this fantastic insight.

A week has passed since the Newark Mind Body and Spirit Show and this year’s events have concluded. I am pleased to comment that the administration of next years shows and events has shown little respite. People are interested in the courses, mentoring days and Pure Spirit. I have seen the ‘Community Page’, and it is impressive. My feeling is the organisation’s new assets will take time to make an impression. Pure Spirit looks as if it will be a full house and the Community list will be ready four months ahead of the show. We have eleven weeks before the first Well Being Show at Newark and this looks to be an impressive event. I’ll publish the first lists early in January, and talk schedules will be posted at least a month before the show dates.

Well, that’s my contribution to LEN for this week.

My final word is for the attending Community Members at last weekend’s Mind Body and Spirit Show: You were brilliant, and your endeavours will stay in the minds of the four-hundred plus Visitors who attended the event: Well done!

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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