Liz and I wish you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year:

You can be sure we will work for all Community Members best advantage in 2020. There are immense changes for all of us over the next ten years. We will soon be flying solo as a country and no matter what the future brings: those who work with care and focus will prosper and take advantage of the new beginnings.

I never look back in anger or with unhappiness. I see the future as all which matters. There are many situations and issues we cannot change. From my perspective, there are markers in time which are defining. Some are good others inevitably bad. This is the way of life, and the brave hearts hold no grudges and forge ahead into a better future.

It seems to me, the beginning of a new decade is like a golden-gate of opportunity for those who enjoy the challenges ahead. I do not fool myself: we will lose and gain many friends and associates during the next ten years. We will make choices loved and disliked in equal measure. But I see change and the making of difficult choices as imperative to evolution in life’s adventures. No one will doubt the sincerity of our determination to succeed.

The last three years have been amazing and happy times for Liz and me: we have seen plans come to fruition and more than a few fail at the first post! No doubting this will be part of our journey in during the next ten years. We have no intention of letting up our relentless determination to make our organisation thrive. And we will enjoy watching the prosperity of the people who work with us grow.

You see, Liz and I do not see business as profit-driven. Our feeling is, mutual success is more rewarding and, in the long term, more secure. Certainly, the next three years are driven toward growth and expansion. Our partnership with Barrie John is only the beginning of partnership agreements. We see immense strength in working with people who see the long-term picture. This is why the new Creativity Connected Shows have so much potential: Because those involved understand to become established requires years of learning and dedication.

Understanding how something works means one has to listen to wise words and opinions and this will always require changing one’s mind and opinions. We cannot always be right. And when we make mistakes, the lessons are learned and it is time to move on to the next stage of the design. There is no point looking for blame, nothing matters only the objective.

Before signing off, we would like to again acknowledge Annie Webster

When the news of Annie’s final sleep was announced Liz and I were shocked and upset. During one of our conversations with Annie, she made her feelings clear about the way we were taking the shows “I think you’ll have a brilliant series of shows in a few years time. You are making changes no one else dared to make”. I wrote those words in my journal and often refer to them. We will never forget the opportunity Annie gave us when she gave us the custodianship of her shows. Liz spent many hours talking to Annie about the events, and Liz is certain Annie will be proud of the future of our organisation. Annie will always be at the heart of our endeavours.

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Annie Webster

Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to All

Ian and Liz


  1. A new decade starting with EXCITING NEW PROJECTS!
    I look forward to being part of our Lizian’s Community 2020 new ‘adventures’ 🙂
    Brigitte Rix xx

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