Starlight Within: An Experimental Spiritual Healing Project – Starlight Within is a spiritual healing project powered by Razhiel and her spiritual committee. We believe that well-being is a fundamental right for all beings, and ailments and lacks are caused by energetic blockages, undesirable programs and negative beliefs. Here, we aim to help people achieve their well-being by removing their blockages and programs under the guidance of their spiritual committee and Razhiel’s. We are also interested in exploring the boundaries of spiritual healing. Therefore, we would like to encounter a wide variety of cases, especially those that are relatively uncommon.

The main healing tool we use is Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT): a dowsing technique involving a pendulum and a series of charts that outline all sorts of blockages and programs. This system was developed and channelled by sociologist Dr Clark Camerson and Unity minister Rev. Robert E. Detzler in the 1980s. During the session, the spiritual committee will locate the roots of the problems, and communicate to Razhiel through the pendulum and the charts in order to have them removed. Besides SRT, Razhiel would sometimes use other tools as well, such as healing symbols, crystals and message cards. So, don’t be surprised if something else is used as well!

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