Chakra Dancing and Creative Meditation with Jules Wheat – All my life I loved to dance,  ballroom, Scottish country dancing, disco, 5 rhythms, chakra dancing and very recently biodanza and kundalini dance. Around 20 years ago I found yoga enjoying the physical practice but was also interested in the philosophy and soon became interested in chakras.  I was intrigued by the concept that everything is energy and how movement and meditation could have such a profound impact on my wellbeing. When I found chakra dancing It was as if everything in my life came together and made sense. Movement became my meditation, I noticed that as I danced and worked with the chakras as was able to work through things that were holding me back. I began to find my voice,  started to express myself creatively and quite literally changed my outlook on life.

Chakra Dancing: Jules Wheat: LizianEvents

Chakra Dancing and creative meditation a beautiful workout creating space for change. Helping us heal mind and body one dance at a time.

During our lifetime, energy can become trapped and held in our physical body, through dance and movement we can begin to free up this energy. The dance is your own unique experience which takes you on a journey through the Chakras to balance energies, relieve tension, and bring you to a place of stillness. As we dance and move through each of the 7 major chakras, we can begin to feel grounded at the root, explore flowing creativity at the sacral, release tensions at the solar plexus, transformation at the heart, make sound at the throat, balance at the third eye all bringing us to stillness at the crown. As we dance, we can become more in tune with our body and be more confident within ourselves.  Chakra dancing is a wonderful moving meditation which can be enjoyed by people of all ages and physical abilities, it is a holistic practice which gives freedom to be yourself and move as you wish.  

Contact: Jules Wheat 07583664607
Facebook: Julie Wheat (Jules) Page- Chakra Vibes
Instagram: Chakra.vibes31

Classes are the first Wednesday of the Month. 4th March. 1st April. 6th May. 3rd June. 1st July


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