Hello I’m Stuart Kerry one of the founders of Nottingham Reiki.

Reiki came into my life over 12 years ago, like most things we aren’t looking for it: it came into my life at the right time. My wife Marie had a few problems, she had tried the standard treatments, but a visit to a mind body and spirit show lead us down a path which we had not considered.

After spending two years training twice a week, we moved from knowing nothing to being reiki master teachers and along the way we learned so much more. We started our classes teaching Reiki in weekly classes here in Nottingham. During the last 12 years, we have continued to teach people face to face, and at their own pace, so over the previous few years, it’s been an honour to teach 100’s of people and to see them grow into amazing healers.

Stewart Kerry

In 2017 I lost my wife, Marie. After a friendship that spanned nearly 40 years; you see we taught together hand in hand every week side by side; I felt I could not continue; so Reiki training stopped! It took a few weeks for me to understand that we are just using this space to pass through, never staying still and always moving forwards. I began to reconsider the choice. I began to feel Marie was guiding me to reopen the school.

Reiki for me, is about healing. And healing is a part of Reiki: you can’t take healing from Reiki the other no matter how much you try. So to help me heal, I started classes again, and I understood that by helping others it helped me ease the pain. It is still here and will never leave, but now it helps guide me forwards to find others and share my story and share my healing and to start their healing process.

Then the clock struck midnight, 2020 arrived, and we could have no idea what was waiting a few weeks away. Who could have even had an idea how much the world would change in a few short weeks we went from being able to do anything to being locked up in our own homes no work no coffee shops, no walking around garden centres, no MacDonald’s! Everything stopped no haircuts, no reiki (what NO reiki)! How will we cope? But cope, we did!

COVID 19 has shown many other people and me how very fragile life is it hangs on a thin thread for us all it can change so very quickly. Sadly some have lost loved ones. Others had family and friends in hospital for weeks on end unable to visit. And when we can’t see family for week’s: there is an option, a video or a skype call, and thanks to this technology, people work from home helping people stay safe. Doctors and nurses became front line workers on the field of battle, working long hours seeing so much pain. And key workers are given claps and cheers. And we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

So healing starts, mending the sick. And some need an extra hug (when we can and when it’s allowed!). Healing of the planet is seen during the lockdown: for example, the water became clearer in Venice, wildlife came out of hiding, the smog lifted in Los Angeles. We see aspects of the world long forgotten.

Is time a healer? Well yes and no, time dulls the pain, but it’s always there we live with it, and it becomes a part of us it’s how we live with it that counts it can take over making you bitter making you hurt close ones, or you can say ok you taught me a lesson I will be stronger, embrace life and try to make the next few years better.

So healing is your choice. I can give you 99% to help you bring about healing. BUT: you need to bring that 1% yourself you have got to be ready to be healed.

Nottingham Reiki: LizianEvents Ltd

The Happiness Shines Through: Nottingham Reiki

Reiki has taught me many lessons over the last few years. Number one is that we are not alone; many people are going through the same thing. Nottingham Reiki is a family of healers. I have tried to keep in touch with my students. Zoom meeting and video blogs are new to me, but these facilities show people we can be together in our own homes.

So next time you think: ‘I need healing’ ask ‘Why do I need it and what is it I’m seeking? Your inner-self may be saying ‘Become a healer’!

Try Reiki or try one of the fantastic therapies we offer at Nottingham Reiki. Do not forget: sometimes, all that is needed is a smile and a kind heart.

Nottingham Reiki: LizianEvents Ltd

Nottingham Reiki at The Nottingham Well Being Show

So come along to one of our wellness days or maybe even join a class. To discover more message me, and I’m sure to reply:

Take care and enjoy your day:

Stewart Kerry

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