Pure Spirit Show 30 + 31 May
Cedric Ford Pavilion
Newark Show Ground

45 Attending Community Members 30 Talks and Demonstrations. We will also enjoy outdoor rituals presented by Alan Wood of Native American Smudging Rituals. Weather permitting Visitors will also enjoy outdoor meditations and music performances by Iza Moon and Claudine West. There will be talks and presentations focussed on everything esoteric. For example, you will enjoy mediumistic demonstrations: Reiki shares and spiritual healing sessions.

This event is a dedicated Mind Body and Spirit Show focussed on all aspects of spirituality. It is sure to become a calendar date for all mind body and spirit fans. The event is all about the traditional elements of this much-loved genre of shows. Visitors will meet and talk with mediums, psychics and enjoy aspects of spiritual healing. The line-up of Community Members is the very best and well known in the MBS arena. The Pure Spirit Show will be jam-packed with magical moments and spiritual ideas.

One of our best-loved Mediums: Mr Barrie John is your host for the weekend. You will find him approachable and very interactive with Visitors and The Community of Exhibitors. Barrie is so enthusiastic about this event. He has worked at many events countrywide and has formulated a show with significant changes to the format.

Barrie John: LizianEvents: Lizian Events

Mr Barrie John

Barrie believes Vistors need to be valued. To this end, he asks readers and therapists to have a three-tier pricing system. Barrie knows many people only wish for a short or concise reading: while others desire a more in-depth consultation. Therefore, readers are guided to offer clients a three-tiered price structure. Therapists are also encouraged to bring this system into their work. Of course, there has been some resistance to the system! However, readers and therapists who have tried out the idea now say they would never go back to a fixed price reading cost.

Barrie comments:

“It is essential for the growth of Pure Spirit that the shows embellish the highest of spiritual principals. Our Visitors will know from the outset that the organisers of the shows respect their presence. If we are to keep Visitors, we must care for their wellbeing and enjoyment of every show. To this end: I will make every change needed to make the Pure Spirit Shows a brand which is loved by all who attend the shows”.

Barrie’s twenty-five years of involvement in Mind Body and Spirit, Paranormal and Mediumistic demonstrations must indicate to Vistors they are in for a fantastic Pure Spirit Experience. He has worked with the greatest mediums this country has produced: Mr Derek Achorah and Mr Colin Fry. Barrie has enjoyed years of television and radio popularity and demand for his stage demonstrations continues to grow. We must accept these connections must contribute to the quality of The Pure Spirit Events.

Show Within a Show:

After the Pure Spirit Show day of spiritual experiences: Visitors can enjoy an evening of Past Life Regression and Mediumistic demonstrations. The doors open at seven: and the audience will participate in a ninety-minute past life regressions show: after a short break, the audience returns to a Mediumistic demonstration presented by Barrie John. He will be joined on stage by Mr Rick Paul, a new medium with a fantastic future ahead. These evening events will make the Pure Spirit Experience a most memorable evening.

Promotion and Connections:

Barrie decided to bring in the established expertise of LizianEvents to organise the show and its development. The organisation is building an excellent reputation for hosting first-class shows. Their connections and media presence makes sense. With excellent facilities to produce videos, audio media, podcasts and web-design, everyone involved in Pure Spirit can only benefit from LizianEvents expertise. This ability to connect is especially crucial for Community Exhibitors who can be confident the shows are not just a venue hire venture. Pure Spirit Events will be 365 days per year show. Everyone will be connected: Visitors and Community Exhibitors will have a brilliant show network. None are in doubt of LizianEvents Organisation’s ability to make the running of a show easy and memorable for all who take part.

This Video Will Explain Barrie’s Choice

The Derek Acorah Annual Mediumship Award:

After Barrie John’s announcement of the ‘Derek Acorah Annual Mediumship Award’ we are inundated with questions about how the award will work. Barrie and Gwen Acorah feel the award should be for the benefit for up and coming mediums. Nationally recognised mediums or those who already benefit from large stage audiences are not the focus of attention.

The award is without doubt, prestigious. After all, Derek was an internationally recognised medium. Therefore, whoever wins the prize will have to attain a very high standard, indeed. Anyone who is nominated will have to evidence their ability. So there has to be a sequence of proposals before the last evening where the finalists are judged.

During March we will open an award page. On the page, there will be a nomination contact area. Visitors to the page will be able to nominate mediums. The nomination must include a synopsis about their nominee. Providing information is an essential step, as the information provided will be used to select the fifty people who will go forward to the first live assessments.

We will hold five countrywide mediumistic evenings. At each event, ten selected mediums will take the stage for fifteen minutes. The audience will vote on the performances. The five winners will go forward to a grand final where a panel of judges will decide who will become the first winner of the ‘Derek Acorah Annual Mediumship Award’.

This information provides a basic idea of how the award system will work. There will be additional aspects to the administration of the award. However, Visitors now have an idea of how the award will work. The award will allow the winner to evidence they have attained the highest mediumistic standard and they are sure to benefit for many years after being awarded the accolade. There is no doubting the award will become a yardstick of attainment.

Another aspect of the award is finalists will have their place on the Pure Spirit Events page. This means visitors to the site can contact them for the following year as well as having priority places if they wish to stand at any Pure Spirit Show.

No Doubting The Future:

Come and join Barrie at The Pure Spirit Shows: Become a Community Exhibitor and take advantage of the immense conduit of connections. Barrie John: The Derek Acorah Award: And LizianEvents combine to provide all involved with a thriving, progressive and new style of show. Barrie insists on the best venues and affordable stand fees. Anyone who becomes part of Pure Spirit will enter into a new era of Spiritual events. You can be assured there are many opportunities available for everyone to prosper. Show Ambassadors are a new show idea to be revealed during March 2020. Mediums who enter the Derek Acorah Award will be offered opportunities to work on stage with Barrie. And these are only part of the future.

Barrie’s final words:

“Join me in this new venture. My intention is for all of us to be part of a beautiful spiritual centred concept. Pure Spirit Shows and stage shows which combine Past Life Regression and Mediumship. We will offer show Ambassadors super incentives to work and prosper with Pure Spirit. I’m looking forward to working with new and inspirational people. You will know if Pure Spirit will work for you: I assure you of my dedication to your future and success”.
Barrie John


  1. Thank you for this. It is fascinating, and exciting to see the germination of this idea.

    I do think that Readers and Therapists can revise, review, and reinvent the way they are presented. The last well being show offered them more space. I think that dedicated areas is the next step, where Readers and Therapists, are grouped together. Mini presentations where they describe how they work, and “speed dating” a medium are also worth pursuing.

    Differentiating a Pure Spirit show from other MBS/ Well Being shows is both the challenge and the opportunity, I can’t wait for the first one at Newark.

    I had thought that the original idea was for small shows at smaller venues – has that now evolved due to the success of the idea?

    I have long thought that two day weekend shows which have a venue for that period could do more with Saturday night. Doing something for a Pure Spirit show is brilliant.

    I see that doors will open at 7pm. If the day event closes at 5pm what is supposed to happen in between? Are you expecting people to wait at the venue? What will they do? Are you expecting the same people to go away and return? Are you expecting a new audience? Where will they come from? How will the evening event be billed?

    If John is doing a 90 minute regression show at 7.30, half time wont be until 9pm, the interval will need to be at least 20 mins, the medium demo will need to be an hour, so that means a 10.20pm finish, earliest. Almost three hours. Will there be a separate charge? If so how much? Will there be a combined day/ weekend/ evening show ticket?

    The mediumship award has obvious attractions. Some of the best up and coming mediums are also amongst the shyest and humble. Do they have to seek nominations? Can they be nominated without them knowing first? Will there be a charge for the medium or nomination?

    If one only from ten goes through each venue, and one venue has five brilliant mediums but only one finalist , and another has none but one still goes through, does that help the quality of the final? Should there not be a wild card/ best runners up option? If the audience is voting will that not mean that the medium who brings the most friends wins? Who will the judges be for the final, and what will be their criteria for deciding the best?

    The idea is brilliant, I am sure you have all the bases covered, and cannot wait to see the competition unfold, I can think of several who deserve to win!

    • Yes Gary: We do have answers to most of the questions! There is a little way to go but expecte a definitve update in seven days time: Many thanks for your quaetions and See You Soon 🙂

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