Intent Jewellery is UK-made and designed by Sarah Line. Sarah is a healer, Labyrinth facilitator and runs workshops and events in Cambridgeshire, covering many aspects of Spirituality, self-exploration and planetary awareness.

Intent Jewellery: LizianEvents

All the silver pieces are inspired by Sacred Geometry and Numerology. The crystal pieces selected for their healing and transformational properties. Intent is the brand that sits at the forefront of its legal name and mentor label ‘Conscious Living Ltd’. They want to encourage a movement toward living consciously and in a state of personal wellbeing and each piece of jewellery has been researched and attributed an intention/meaning.

Every piece acts as a tiny powerhouse reminder. The Intent approach inspires us to revisit the practice of ‘working with energy’ in a very modern way; to practice the law of attraction by keeping your small reminder around your neck or on your wrist and acknowledging its archetypal energy always.

Intent Jewellery: LizianEvents

 Sarah says: ‘We celebrate and encourage the individual; we want to empower, connect and inspire a global community of people who are all in love with understanding and taking care of themselves – mind, body, soul and spirit. Intent was designed to remind in the spirit of conscious living; to direct our thoughts and keep our energy focused on what we want in our lives rather than to dwell on what we do not want.’

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