Barrie John’s Pure Spirit Show
Cedric Ford Pavilion
Newark Show Ground
30 + 31 May 2020

Clarification of Times and Format of The Pure Spirit Show

The interest in The Newark Pure Spirit Show is very brisk! However, we are asked for clarification about the schedules:

The floor trading for Saturday is 10:30 until 18:00: There will be a few Community Members who choose to leave at five: But bear in mind the half-hour later start time.

The Pure Spirit Evening Show begins at 19:00 and concludes around 22:00

The Pure Spirit Evening Show’s format:

Guests arrive from 18:00 onward where they will meet and greet in the President’s Suite before the show.

The first part of the show last for about seventy-five minutes. It is a Past Life Regression demonstration and talk presented by one of this country’s most experienced Past Life Regression experts Mr John Richardson. The second part of the evening is an extended Mediumistic demonstration presented by Mr Barrie John and Mr Rick Paul. This event is sure to be a stellar ninety-minute of spiritual enjoyment.

During the Pure Spirit Evening Show: Four readers will be providing paid for readings for people attending the evening show. Of course, they will also give readings for anyone who would like to travel to The Cedric Ford for late consultation. Many work late and would love a reading but cannot get to the show during the day.

The Sunday Pure Spirit Show

Because of the late evening trading on Saturday: Doors will open at 10:30, and The Pure Spirit Show will finish at 16:30. Visitors will enjoy a day of spiritual enlightenment. The spiritual and healing energies of this show will be enjoyed by all who come along to become part of a new style of event: A Pure Spirit Event.

Entry Fees:

One day – Five Pounds
Two-day pass – Eight Pounds
The Pure Spirit Evening Show – Fifteen Pounds
Exclusive all weekend pass: Both days and including The Pure Spirit Evening Show twenty pounds!

Tickets available online from the show’s webpage: 13 March 2020

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