A note to the reader: This article is an advanced piece of spiritual writing. It has meaning and teaching on many levels. Use due diligence when reading each paragraph to discover a myriad of meditations and understanding. The submission is so interesting: I have asked Rick to be guest on a Podcast centred its content: The podcast is published tomorrow: 14 March.

Salesman or Customer? Anybody who knows me will inform: “He talks a lot!” And I think a great deal as well. I observe and then write about human behaviour and then see if I can utilise the essays in my spiritual work.

I take my inspiration for today’s jottings from two sources: Ian Timothy’s book: “Never Let Anything Worry You” and the song: “Sunscreen” by Baz Lurhmann. Sunscreen is mentioned because of the song’s verse: “Scientists have proved long term benefits of sunscreen. Whereas the rest of my advice has no more basis than my meandering experience” The point of quoting the lyrics is to reinforce the fact my words are not set in stone. They are perceptions and observations of daily life. The song also informs: “Advice is a form of nostalgia, dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the waste disposal wiping it off and painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than what it is worth”.

Why would I write this? Well, it is a neat segway into my thoughts. I enjoy stretching my brain, testing out strategies and most importantly getting things moving. From theory to action takes a lot of drive, and I know when inner-thoughts are correctly interpreted something will happen. How do I make thoughts and ideas become active? Well I put words on paper or the computer as notes, the notes start a pathway of thoughts, and these become stepping stones towards meeting objectives. I also keep in mind anything worthwhile takes effort, work and patience. I always look at minimising the size of the jump from one step to the other: this ensures success is realistically achievable. I also look at previous strategies and see if I can draw new conclusions. These days I draw inspiration or enlist help from like-minded thinkers or people with a similar mindset. A method which is different from several years ago. Years ago I wondered why nothing happened and why spiritual aspects of my life failed to flourish. Today there is the expectation of discovery and enlightenment.

At this point, salesmen enter the story: When seeking change, I consider options and see if anyone has a suitable product which can help. In consequence, I have spent several hundred pounds on training and in fairness, most of the money is well spent. Have I achieved all the salesman led me to believe was on offer? The answer has to be “No”.

To make a statement like that there has to be reasoning behind it. In his book “Never Let Anything Worry You” Ian Timothy writes of admiration for Steve Jobs. By most accounts, Jobs was not a likeable man, but his work ethic is without question. So, if Steve Jobs was my teacher and I followed his advice and made his same sacrifices and life choices would I end up as rich as the computer maestro? Of course not! I haven’t had his circumstances. And, of course, he could not become me: even though he was billionaire, no matter how much money he spent he could not replicate my life! And his mindset could not enjoy every second of my life experiences! We are our only outcome: No one can change the outcomes of a lifetime.

The results of my endeavours force me to ask: “Should a salesman be concerned his product did not meet expectation? Or is it the failure to fulfil the promise of the items potential down to the buyer?” In the salesman’s defence, I rarely buy anything I didn’t need. However, I reveal a tendency to be swept along in a sales pitch. I also mention the courses enrolled on have mostly delivered. But remember, perception of success is an interpretation of circumstance at the time and future outcome!

But wait a minute! My last paragraph is now under review. Did I achieve most of which the salesman lead me to believe would be attainable or not? If the answer is to become “NO” am I’m contradicting myself. The issue here is a pattern seen many times, in many avenues of spiritual, esoteric and healing. The paradox is: we learn a great deal: however, the learning is never enough: Only when the learning becomes our own does is it active. I suggest to you that anything of a spiritual or esoteric nature does not have a form, it only has a force. Therefore the form of the learning activates the force or nature of the idea…

To make a sale, the salesman knows the buyer has to need what is offered. In reality, the salesman has to provide an answer to a need. And many times the need or invention is a product of the salesman: Jobs produces the Apple computer: he now has to persuade people they need its capability. He is persuasive and the purchaser decides the facility to solve problems and carry out specific tasks is worth the purchase. However, the sales pitch and the investment are only half the transaction: One has to learn to use the machine, and one soon discovers the operation is not as smooth as one imagined. Inevitably, some people master programmes and software and become ‘experts’ in training.

No one could become the Apple Computer guru Steve Jobs! Although we can become competent at using the binary calculator he was involved in creating. Let’s expand the idea: Imagine the spiritual or esoteric are hardware or concept: and the teachings are software. Some become ‘expert’ at harnessing the spiritual force and offer training in how to activate the process. So when I signed onto course’s I realise it is the training and information which mattered not the identity of the course. And I’m pleased to comment, the teachers mostly came up to expectations! But when reflecting on the teachers and courses, I realise their wisdom is a stepping stone to finding one’s own way to harness spiritual energy/force.

No teacher knows all (or any) definitive spiritual or esoteric answers. Their lessons are part of an immense journey of spiritual enlightenment. Awakenings are manyfold: as I write these words, for some reason I think of our spinning Planet. And I’m forced to write:

Spiritual and esoteric ideas will always be in flux: sometimes there is daylight and we see certain aspects. And there is an equal time of darkness or unanswered questions. (And now I wonder why my inner-self has insisted I write these words! Perhaps we will know in a paragraph or two!).

I cannot be XXXX Medium or XXXX Hypnotist or XXXX Reiki Master. And if I were to mirror or attempt to mimic those who taught me: I would achieve nothing. You see, I realise, all of us have a teacher. The teacher is lectured, guided and taught by many someones in their past. And for my part, I cannot teach until I have enjoyed many years of practice and hard work. The mind must spin: there will be nights of questions and days of realisations. Thoughts such as these enhance my work beyond all expectations. (Ah! The spinning Planet in the last paragraph).

The original thought that I could be the next (insert any spiritual or esoteric celebrity) has gone. I realise I am not their life! I have lived Rick Paul’s journey. I have had successes and mishaps and in the main remained faithful to my beliefs. I take responsibility for my actions, which gives clarity to mistake and failure. Do I think that I can be counsellor, medium psychic or any other label? The answer must be “Yes”. But not because XXXX trained me or offered support. My future and success will happen because I remain true to myself and work within a realistic framework of truth and honesty and seek the light (answers) when there is darkness (questions).

Now I know there can be a label people recognise as Rick Paul. A label which is in constant evolution and renewal. I’ll always credit those who helped, guided and inspired. But here is the significant change: I realise how people see me is key to success and acknowledgement. I aim to be Rick Paul and known as Rick Paul. There will be no need to say: medium: psychic: Reiki Master: those who I serve will understand what is within the name. Will I become a salesman? The reply is “No’! My work is defined as a counsellor, medium, Reiki master, reader, writer, trained in hypnosis and NLP who has an immense interest in spiritual and esoteric ideas. All blend together to help me serve those who feel drawn to my work. I am Rick Paul”.

Idolise people, by all means, train with them, be taught by them, let them inspire: but be realistic enough to know that even if you follow their instruction to the letter, you cannot be them. Utilise talents, work on the inner being. Bring the authentic you out of the shadows; don’t let the inner salesman sell you a package of unrealistic dreams. If you do so, you WILL fall short and have a detrimental effect on your progress and confidence. 

Stand proudly in your light and aim high, remember to put the steps in place to achieve your goals (own them), hold a belief in the power of you, the individual and not you the clone. Go out and shine your light. As I close dear friends I leave you with this thought Life is for living and as Ian Timothy says “Never Let Anything Worry You”. 

Bright blessings and best wishes:

Rick Paul.


  1. A very interesting article.

    I believe that questions are the answer, and that the more we know, the more we know what we don’t know. I like people who ask questions. I find that the cleverest people tell me what they do not know, not what they do know.

    One of the best trainers I ever worked with told me it is not what we know that counts, it is what we use of what we know He pithily observed that he always wondered when someone boasted that they had twenty year’s experience in a field whether they did, or whether they had one year’s experience, twenty times.

    The best sales book I have ever read was first published in 1936, Dale Carnegie’s “How To Win Friends and Influence People”. It is more than a sales book, instead the seminal Self Help book.

    We are all salesmen insofar as we are constantly selling ideas – even if it is that a toddler really should be going to bed now! We are all customers insofar as we all have needs which require fulfilling.

    Thanks Rick for the read.

    Gary Longden

    • Bless you Gary for the reply, I consider myself the eternal student whatever you have experience in there is always room for learning. In any communication or spiritual work finding the right key to open the lock is essential and I will continue to add to my personal tool box to make this a constant reality.

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