Barrie John’s Pure Spirit Show
Cedric Ford Pavilion
Newark Show Ground

30 + 31 May 2020

Forty-five brilliant, mediums, and including astrology, paranormal investigation, native American traditions and an exceptional range of esoteric gifts and goodies. Along with 30 Talks and Demonstrations. Visitors will also enjoy outdoor rituals presented by Alan Wood of Native American Smudging Rituals. Weather permitting Visitors will also enjoy outdoor meditations and music performances by Iza Moon and Claudine West. There will be talks and presentations focussed on everything esoteric. For example, you will enjoy mediumistic demonstrations: Reiki shares and spiritual healing sessions.

Barrie John: LizianEvents: Lizian Events

Barrie John

This event is a dedicated Spiritual Show focussed on all aspects of spirituality. It is sure to become a calendar date for all mind body and spirit fans. The event is all about the traditional elements of this much-loved genre of shows. Visitors will meet and talk with mediums, psychics and enjoy aspects of spiritual healing. The line-up of Community Members is the very best and well known in the MBS arena. The Pure Spirit Show will be jam-packed with magical moments and spiritual ideas.

One of our best-loved Mediums: Mr Barrie John is your host for the weekend. You will find him approachable and very interactive with Visitors and The Community Centred Exhibitors. Barrie is so enthusiastic about this event. He has worked at many events countrywide and has formulated a show with significant changes to the format.

The doors open to this event on Saturday10:30 and close at 18:00 – Attending Community will have the option to trade up until the 18:00 deadline. After 18:00 reader tables will be set up in the foyer for medium/psychics who would like to read for the evening guests. Readers who would like to take advantage of this option can book an evening table. They must be available from 18:00 until 22:00 for people attending the evening entertainment in the Presidential Suite.

The evening show:

Past Life Regression and Mediumistic Demonstration

The show starts at 19:00 with over an hour of Past Life Regression entertainment performed by Mr John Richardson. After a mid-show, fifteen minutes break, the audience will take part in a fantastic mediumistic demonstration hosted by Mr Barrie John and Mr Rick Paul.

John Richardson: LizianEvents: Lizian Events

The Amazing John Richardson
Past Life Regression

The evening is bound to be a super hit with lovers of the esoteric and spiritual. The evening hosts are recognised as being the top of their fields and have an immense and loyal following. And at only fifteen pounds per ticket what could be a better evening of Pure Spirit entertainment? We offer a whole weekend pass inclusive of both days and the evening Pure Spirit Show for twenty-three pounds.

Attaining an Immense Following
Medium Mr Rick Paul

Attending guests can pre-book a reading with one of the attending medium/psychic in the foyer of The Cedric Ford Pavilion. We will announce the four readers during the next two weeks. Rest assured there will be four of the best medium/psychics. The readings are not included in the price of the Past Life and Mediumistic Demonstration.

The Sunday Pure Spirit Show

Because of the late evening trading on Saturday: Doors will open at 10:30, and The first Pure Spirit Show will finish at 16:30. Visitors will enjoy a day of spiritual enlightenment. The spiritual and healing energies of this show will be enjoyed by all who come along to become part of a new style of event: A Pure Spirit Event.

See You There

Do you want to be part of this event? Would you like to be considered as one of the evening readers? Fill in the enquiry form and below:


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