The Banquet format has become an immensely popular format. Could it be because the invited guests provide a deeper insight into the hosts psyche? Today Rick Paul brings eight guests to the table. And what a diverse group of people – I’m sure you’ll find this an interesting party!

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More About Rick:

Community Ambassador – Mr Rick Paul

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Rick Paul

Rick is a first-class Spiritual Counsellor:

His growing reputation is evidence of ability and consistency. During the shows, visitors comment on his talent, constructive and accurate information and character. This page is dedicated to his work: His written articles achieve acclaim and admiration. As you watch his videos and listen to his audio interviews, there is little doubt of his dedication. It is this which proves his integrity.

When asked about his ability and work Rick’s simple answer holds all we need to know:

“I am who I am. There is no addition or theatre. My inner-being knows my work is to help my clients enjoy life and find the best possible answers to difficult questions. I am guided by a powerful connection to the client, his or her guides and my ability to be a truthful conduit. Yes, there will be times when only a ‘seed’ of an answer is discovered. There will be times when the ‘message’ is weak and seemingly vague. This honesty is the way of the work. And then, there are the marvellous moments of celebration. When all comes together, and real answers are discovered. The amazing realisation is: as every day passes: my insight, connection and ability become stronger. This is the way of the spiritual journey. Every new lesson is hard-earned. I am dedicated to my future and the future of those I serve.”

It is not possible to expand on Rick’s words. We know they are from the very depth of his soul and they are the light of his spirit.

“One of the best ‘readings’ I have ever had. He’s an accurate reader” This comment is made by Alan Wood. Alan is a Community Member and has followed the spiritual path for decades. Alan travels the World to discover ways of the Sharman and spiritual wisdom: he does not make this type of statement without careful thought.

Rick has made some interesting comments during video interviews. His most popular video is one of his first. It is a fascinating record of his intention if you consider this was recorded early in 2017. The ideas and thoughts offered by Rick during this interview have indeed become a reality.

Five Minute Video:


Rick has a growing and dedicated following of regular clients. He is available for private consultations and readings. Rick is a fully qualified NLP practitioner and can help clients with many problems. If there is an unwanted habit which needs elimination or an emotional issue which requires closure Rick is well qualified to work through the issue.

“I have enjoyed two readings with Rick. The first seemed a touch too ‘open’ at first listening. A few days later I realised the information was 101% relevant to my present life path. His spiritual advice was clear and compelling. The second reading benefitted from the first: A well defined and accurate assessment of the year ahead. Rick also highlighted two longstanding ‘demons’ which no longer seem of great importance. Would I seek another reading? Yes, without a second thought.” Rennie.

The Many Aspects Of Rick Paul:

Rick often submits interesting articles to LizianEvents News. Indeed, this is one of the reasons he enjoys a growing following of loyal clients. Visitors reading his articles enjoy a deeper insight into his ability, character and personality.

Rick’s Articles:

Excerpt from ‘Integrity’:

“Recently, my integrity was criticised. All are welcome to critic my work: but never question my integrity I work with the highest of moral and honest ethics. An individual questioned the way that I work and what I do (I hasten to add this was not at a Lizian event) so I thought I would take the opportunity to give the reader an insight into my mind on the build-up to shows and beyond.”

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Excerpt from ‘Banish Doubt’:

“So, trust your feelings, trust your intuition and trust your abilities. Do not reflect upon or envy the skills of A.N.Other. Focus on your expertise, everything from baking a cake to keeping a home calm and happy calls for knowledge and knowledge has to be learned, and learning to do something well takes time. Our attitude is an essential part of being successful, consider a man can find friends when he smiles, cares and interacts; no one can find new friends by being unhappy and miserable! It is difficult to make changes and take a chance when we are without support.”

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Excerpt from ‘How Do I Work?’:

“Those that know me understand that I am, to say the least, slightly unorthodox, and have never been good with authority. I like to walk my path and readily take ownership of mistakes or successes that I have had. The present me has had to learn to be more flexible in the mind, and so I have learned to open myself up and listen to those who I believe have a longer life experience.”

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Rick Paul has a growing reputation and following. As a Spiritual Counsellor, he can be relied on to give clear and progressive information. He is a fully trained NLP Professional and his intention is to add more counselling qualifications to his name.

Rick’s success is determined by his dedication to clients and their wellbeing. He has an unwavering belief in fellow Community Members. He demonstrates loyalty to LizianEvents  Well Being and MBS Shows. The depth of a man is discovered by his actions. It is only by our actions that we are judged. Rick Paul is a man of integrity and this is the reason for his continuing success.

Book a consultation with Rick through his website or meet him at the shows. You are sure to enjoy an enlightening and enjoyable experience.

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