How Do I Work? by Rick Paul

I listened to the audio from the Nottingham event, and I am still basking in the glow of that weekend. In the recording, I commented I would like to contribute an article to The LizianEvents News. I am not a literary man by any means, but I have a fierce passion for what I do, spirit has assured me for some time now that I will write and teach. This morning I was awoken from sleep by my over-active mind and spirit and compelled to get going with it so here goes.

Those that know me know that I am, to say the least, slightly unorthodox, and have never been good with authority. I like to walk my path and readily take ownership of mistakes or successes that I have had. The present me has had to learn to be more flexible in the mind, and so I have learned to open myself up and listen to those who I believe have a longer life experience.

We as human beings can ask many many questions, but we don’t always quieten ourselves and the mind does not always want to hear the answers. Now, this is where the advice of another has allowed me to pursue a pathway that I was begun to follow. I count myself fortunate to have met and talked at length to Ian Timothy (yes that one). He gave me some simple advice; he said ‘it could be beneficial in spiritual work to split the persona’. That is for me to have two distinctive sides, one is who I have christened ‘Rick Daily’ (who does a fab job of maintaining the more humdrum side of my life). And ‘Rick Paul Spiritual Medium’, he does the fairs and the platform work and models the noisy waistcoats. Ian said that ‘Rick Paul Spiritual Medium’ is the guy that needs to be in control at the events, the other guy will take care of the daily stuff during the week.

I have taken that advice and run with it. During a conversation with another medium, she found it quite funny when I described the idea to her. She suggested the “other me” had always been there because it was my “higher self” and that is who you need to be looking to when working on platform or reading.

Right, this is where it gets interesting Liz, and Ian (Lizian) offered me the opportunity to do a talk at Nottingham last year to which Rick Daily said ‘no’ because of nerves, it was then that the Medium/higher self-kicked in and said “why not” my conversation with/demo was born.

The talk is continually evolving. It started with a little bit of “about me and my journey”, and then spirit would gently pull my ear and get onto the demo part. Today it is less about me a bit more about inspirational speaking. And then the mediumship finishes the presentation. I feel this is the most important part for many of the audience: I also believe it is important not to focus too much on the medium. And, for a deeper explanation of this aspect, you could read my message this way: “Don’t get too tied up in the messenger (the postmen). Become more interested in the contents of the letter. It is my feeling that as long as we get the message does it matter who delivers it?

I love talking, I love working with energy, and I love helping people and also try to provide upliftment.I passionately believe in the power of self and hope that I can help somebody unlock their potential. How does my talk/demo help with this, well I talk to spirit, and through me, they give messages to the relevant members of the audience. Remember, this can’t be practised or rehearsed, I thrive on the audience’s energy on the day, it is a three-way connection, spirit, audience and myself.

During the demonstration/talk, the focus is on uplifting the audience with my recollections and if spirit energy connects (they usually do) that’s a bonus. By the way, I have two messages for you! You should know that if a person loved you down here, you can be sure wherever they are they still do. And secondly, spirit will do its utmost to leave signs of confirmation of their presence, if only you would take time to notice the connections.

How do I work?

As a medium see myself as Ronseal, I do exactly what it says on the tin. I give the message exactly as it is received. I am also reminded of a catchphrase from an old tv programme; the tagline was – “Say what you see”. I see my spiritual work as being part of a triangle, with spirit at the top. Myself at one point and the client at the other. The initial messages from spirit are rarely incorrect, and the messages flow along the sides of the triangle. The information flows to me and from me to the client. The energy generated by spirit, myself and the client produces a powerful and healing conduit, and within the triangle, messages become manifest.

I can sometimes misinterpret the messages. And the spirit will compensate by gently sending prompts to the client, who will ask for clarification. As the client is part of this beautiful connection, the ‘sitting’ becomes a rewarding experience. Sometimes the message can be incomplete, and the client will need to put the pieces together, for this reason, it is essential to realise the three-way aspect of a sitting. Spirit, myself and the client working together to receive sometimes urgent and always relative messages. I never retract a statement or attempt to make anything fit. My ultimate aim is to help the client help themselves to find peace and very often closure of difficult situations. For example; we often see spirit is very forgiving of the actions made or taken in life.

Many people say; “I would love to be inside your head for a few minutes” and I have often wondered if this would be possible. And now with spiritual help and an objective to work towards, I feel I can ‘let people into my mind’. I am beginning to talk about my work and the methods I use; this is why my presentation is one of close interaction with the audience, not only do we receive messages, we learn to connect on a deeper level. It is my wish to help others follow my path and also find happiness through the work of being a medium and I know this is achieved during the talk.

No matter where the spiritual journey is taking me, I will always remain humble, this is who I am. Remember, there is no need to change who you are if you are making progress and working to a positive and happy life.

Before closing, I wish to reiterate how passionate I am about my work. I desire to explore platform work to the highest level it can go to, but I can’t do it without you the client, spirit and a little bit of me, so thank you for that triangle of connections. And thank you for reading this short article. I hope to see you at one of my future demonstrations and please spend some time with me at the Shows and Events I attend during the year.

Love, light and blessing to you all from ‘Rick Paul Spiritual Medium’ and ‘Rick Daily’!

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  1. Very good explanation of how a Spiritual Medium works. It is interesting you feel the connection is one of healing. I feel the article gives a very important insight into your level of awareness. Janine

    • Thank you for your comment the idea behind it was to hopefully enlighten enough people to embark on their own spiritual journey and do you know what those that connect with me will always have me in their corner. No tricks no gimmicks just a steadfast belief in the power of others and if my words help another then I am truly grateful and humbled.

  2. Wow how far have you come is this the same Rick I met a couple of years ago bubbling over and not knowing what to do with it all and now the teacher is showing through amazing is all I can say after watching your journey unfold. It has been uphill Rick but now spirit have enriched your gifts as a thank you for all your hard work and dedication you are a true embassador for spirit enjoy your journey x

  3. Shirley I am humbled by your comment, you amongst many many others have had the time and the caring disposition to teach and guide and help me along the pathway this is my attempt to say thank you but also to recruit other lightworkers and to help dispel some of the naysayers that think we are frauds, I want everybody that connects with me to reach their own highest potential, that is why me and you get on so well as neither of us has “rivals” we just want what is best for the world and the people contained therein it. Thanks for the comment my friend much love and light to you.

    • Thank you for the lovely compliment Claire my aim is to get as many people as I can doing spirit work and achieving their potential, I can’t be anybody but me,some will like it but some won’t, I implicitly trust spirit to connect me with those that need my brand of honesty.

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