A savvy social media marketeer knows one of the most difficult aspects of breaking through to new customers is getting previous customers and clients to share or provide testimonials. People buy a product and their feeling is the purchase is their only commitment. Fair enough products are purchased to fulfil a need: there is little interest in promoting the brand or the product because we correctly expect the manufactures to promote their products. So, if it is difficult to secure testimonials: the focus should be on ability and products and skils.

For anyone in the Well Being World, it is wise to reappraise how Visitors and Clients perceive your identity. One has to remind clients of your work, ethos and let them know you are still trading. This article offers pointers to where the wise could focus their attention to remind clients and Visitors of their work. Now is the time to consider how clients and customers see your image.

It makes no difference if you are Apple or a local grocery shop. The owner has the responsibility to self promote. And the promotion should be consistent and longterm. Long term promotion should be centralised. If you sell books focus on books and write and talk about the genres and titles you sell: It is pointless selling books and writing about political views. Go off the subject and the client will go off you!

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If you are using images – Smiles Win The day

If you are a therapist write and talk about the therapies offered. Provide suggestions on where your therapy will excel. Another aspect to consider is to offer case histories of successes. Be brave and also comment on situations where the therapy has not worked so well. It is essential to build a relationship of trust and writing about possible negative aspects will result in longer client engagements and transparency builds confidence.

The information about yourself and work should be simple and easily understood. It is ok to impress people, however 3000 words of detailed information will not be read by potential clients. The secret is to condense 3000 words into 300! For example:

“LizianEvents organises Well Being Shows. The motivation behind the events is for Visitors to attend Well Being Shows to discover ways to become a ‘Well Being’. Notice we use the capital letter V when the word Visitor is used – because Vistors are central to the success of The Community who make the shows so Very special. During Well Being Shows Visitors can engage with spiritual counsellors, healers, therapists, wellbeing retailers and wellbeing professionals during a Well Being Weekend.

Visitors and Community Members always comment about the atmosphere, smooth running and unique layout of the Well Being Shows. One of our greatest assets is the immense talk schedules enjoyed and loved by Visitors: most shows enjoy in excess of 50 (Yes 50!) free talks over the whole weekend. During 2019 Lincolnshire Well Being Shows the talks schedule exceeded 60 talks over the Saturday and Sunday. And the shows also enjoy live demonstrations of music, tai-chi, meditations and motivational talks. With over 90 different Community Members attending and 60 talks during the weekend, the Well Being Shows have to take place in very large and spacious venues: this is an added attraction of space and safety.

Community-Driven? Yes! The organisers place the success of the attending Community before profit. Daily updates and information about the Community and Well Being Shows are discovered on the internet news magazine ‘LizianEvents News’: this daily news enjoys a readership of over 8000 people every month. Visitors love The Community and the Well Being Shows: and LizianEvents connects Community to Visitors. And don’t forget: Visitors also have their say in how the shows are organised! Regular surveys and email bulletin connect Visitors between shows: and we listen and act on Visitor suggestions.”

Now you may think this is a long introduction to The Well Being Shows! However, you may be surprised to learn the word count of the three paragraphs is around 250 words. The paragraphs provide a real ‘feel’ for The Well Being Shows. Yes! There is plenty of more information available: however, the introduction provides the reader with sufficient information to decide if The Well Being Shows are worth further investigation. All that is needed for promotion is simple and easily read information which invites readers to consider further investigation. Look carefully at the highlighting – this is a recognised way of writing informative copy. And consider using a relevant image, to encourage readers to see a bigger picture.

Images Should Also Inform

Community Members are encouraged to use our social media platforms and submit articles to LizianEvents News. You will gain new customers and clients if you use these platforms regularly. If you wish to relight the shows and Visitor awareness of your work here is the opportunity to begin anew. I could be a million miles wide of the mark: but my feeling is strengthening Visitor confidence to return to the shows is not going to be a simple as imagined. Think carefully about consolidation, not expansion: for example, we will focus on existing shows as new events would mean finding new visitors: who would be interested in ‘trying out’ a new show concept local to them where social gathering is involved?

Visitors will also want to know how YOU are going to work with them and look after their wellbeing and safety. Do not underestimate the needs of everyone your work with: People have an interest in your work but understand they also have a great interest in how your work is going to affect their world. Visitors should be guided to understand that we DO care and our words are not idle rhetoric.

Over the coming weeks: We will be inviting Community Members to take part in short podcasts and zoom interviews where they will be at the centre of the interview. We will link the interviews to LEN articles and mail out the links to our verified 7800 email list. Anyone who takes part in the promotions should attain a greater Visitor awareness. Think about the future: understand the need for promotion: accept we have opportunities to move ahead and prosper. The choice is yours – use the contact form if you wish to take part in the recordings.

LizianEvents organise brilliant Well Being Shows – Many of the guests of LEN and the podcast can be met during the events: The Community who makes the shows are fascinating and will offer suggestions and ways to become a Well Being – Use the form below to be kept informed about the Well Being Shows and Community:

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