We are entering an era of opportunities: and those who see the positive aspects of the future will reap fair rewards. History evidences tens of phoenix-like examples: from countries rebuilding after a war to communities coming together after a natural disaster. When humans work together, their spirit cannot be extinguished: when one flame flickers in doubt, another stands close to light the darkness.

The simplest way to light the future is to work with many people with a good heart and determined purpose. Some talk of intent and intention to make life better and bring peace and happiness to everyone. ‘Intention’ is the desire to make something happen: Whereas actual work and acting on a clear and defined objective turns intention into realisation. Anyone who ‘acts’ rather than has ‘intention to’ will feel better about their life they will know they are contributing to their growth. And they will be adding to the lives of loved ones cared for: the support given by those who are strong to those who are faltering is of great worldly and at the same time spiritual values.

Respect everyone’s viewpoints.

One does not have to agree to understand why people have opposing views. But from my perspective, there should be no compromise: A clear and defined and open stand-point is the only way to security. My thoughts are to provide a secure foundation for the future. And to do this, there will be those who have opposing views. There will be those who do not like my words or objectives: or my actions: this is life: they will not break my will to fulfil goals.

My mission is simple: I choose to work many hours each day to promote and build a granite floored platform for all I work with, and for, to prosper. Be clear in mind: I accept many fail to see the long term image, which is well attended, healthy and respected events and shows. My commitment is to those who see the future potentials. Opportunities open to us are boundless and not rebuilding but redesigning and building anew seems to an avenue worth exploring.

Anyone prepared to make the changes they’d always wished for: now has a once in a lifetime moment to renew, evolve and reinvent. Why not? Who can say your of way is wrong? Perspectives of yesterday are void to the adventurous and ambitious who possess and advents mind. And for many of us; what have we to lose? A return to the eternal circle of inevitability or lighting a Catherine Wheel of possibilities? 

The ambitious do not reflect on the past they dare to envisage the possibilities of next month, next year, next decade. Never have we seen so many people turn gardens into vegetable patches, learned to cook rather than take-away, discovered feet and bicycles are superior to motorcars. We have unwatched television and un-friended the unknown. The future-minded have not dreamed: they have taken stock of their lives, families and reality. While many have blamed and inflamed, the future-minded have researched and learned and know there are realities to accept. Challenging exercises and almost impossible facts have strengthened resolve to rise above fear and fight for the future.

Navigate a desert alone, make sure the reserves for survival are sufficient: if something goes wrong, you are alone. When travelling with a tribe if you become lost, a search party will find you: they care, they need your skills presence, ability and wisdom. And the commitment to mutual survival the tribes greatest asset. They know personal agenda is useless in a desert: unified they travel from oasis to oasis: choose to travel alone and the tribe follows its own path.

Before, hundreds of years before civilisation, tribes travelled from oasis to oasis. During the day, they rested. Beduin moved in the cool of the night: (this is the wisdom of stealth) and how navigation by the stars was discovered. Sometimes a member of the tribe fell asleep and wandered from the path. Scouts (The Kashaf) were sent out to find the lost soul (Alruwh) however they only ‘re-searched’ a third of the distance travelled. The Kashaf – the strongest of the tribe, would be in jeopardy if they extended the time. If the Alruwh was not found: the Kashaf returned to the tribe before the sun’s heat jeopardised their lives. When they returned without the lost soul, the tribe knew the Alruwh and been taken by the Ruh (spirit, soul, essence, psyche, ghost) and so the concept of: ‘When a man strays from the right path ‘His soul will be lost to the spirt’ is understood.

Today, we have wonderful aids to navigate our lives. The internet means we can, with intelligence, discover any path. Everything desired can be learned by searching; we are never alone when we ask for help. A few can navigate their life path without assistance they are explorers who accept failure, and they are indeed the Kashaf of today’s society.

Regardless of one’s beliefs: the future can be rebuilt. Societies infrastructure is still intact. Schools still stand, millions of small shops and enterprises are ready to meet the demands of their customers. Men and Women have not lost their intelligence, knowledge and wisdom. A fertile ground of accomplishment awaits those who desire to overcome fear and accept the hurdles ahead.

People who work together with integrity and a common purpose will share (and the optimum word is share) material success. We are in a baseline of reality. We can see the acts of those who have worked for the future. We can choose to connect and unify to a common purpose of regeneration or decide to fall into an abyss of fear.

Ian Timothy


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