The lesson of the LizianShop ~ What does the LizianShop look like? Well, it is minimal and packed with crystals: incense: essential oils: crystal jewellery and hundreds of esoteric items. Customers travel countrywide to choose and buy.

The shop is an essential part of our organisation: because it pays for personal overheads: and this means we can run the event’s organisation with a low wage bill. During these difficult times, the LizianShop has helped us cover costs: indeed, daily articles here on LEN are supported by the shop.

LizianShop has become an essential conduit of information to customers, both new and old. Connecting with visitors at the shop means they are kept informed about the shows and Community during the lockdown. And since we reopened six weeks ago. It has been pleasant to talk to our customers about how they have faired over the months. Their courage and optimism are heartening and inspiring. And the majority of their messages are about the future. Although, there is evidence of high strength: there are a few, they are tired of the situation and desire change at any cost.

We do not mind spending time to talk and support our customers. And I’m always surprised to discover how lonely people are: even though they seem bright and carefree. It seems essential for us to support those who have supported our business. Time spent talking is never wasted even if our friends choose not to buy!

We hear the question: ‘When will this end?’ every day: and with the messages from the government being without focus or clarity: it is not surprising how many people arrive at the LizianShop looking for ways to find calm and relaxation. We guide them to fragrances: essential oils and incense sticks for meditation. And of course Dead Sea Salt for a welcome end of day muscle relaxing soak.

LizianShop is a mecca for crystal lovers: a stock of over two-thousand items takes some time to appraise. Some regular visitors also know we have hidden ‘gems’ under the counter and in the storeroom. Very often people ask ‘Have you got any?’ and Liz will say: ‘Yes! Give me a minute, and I’ll find it for you’. Ninety-nine times out of the hundred, the customer leaves with the desired crystal.

If you are thinking about becoming a Community Member and would like to meet Liz or Ian, why not come and talk about your work at the LizianShop? We always have time to discuss your work, ideas, and ways the LizianEvents can help you find a place at the shows. Remember, we connected Community to Visitors: this is our strength and foremost objective of The Well Being Shows. LizianShop demonstrates we understand how to connect and communicate: Fifteen-years of trading must count as evidence we know the market and customers.

See You Soon

111 Victoria Market
Victoria Centre

LizianShop Online WebShop

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