Liz Clark’s Sunday Thoughts: 09:08:20 – No matter where your thoughts are during these testing times, my thoughts are ‘Keep on talking’ ‘Keep on thinking’. ‘Think outside the box’. If you are building a business, the present situation does not mean promotions have come to an end. If there is a feeling of ‘giving-up’ or despondency think about the effort already put into your projects: do you want to throw all of those hours away?

future sign

And if you choose to close down the project or business; what will you be doing in the future? Starting anything new is difficult at the best of times, and with a somewhat uncertain future, new projects may have, a higher learning curve than ones already started.

A big issue with any business is gaining visible traction: getting the connections, new customers, the correct balance of stock and prices. And the ones you have are more valuable than those you have to find. It is time to sift through your email lists and inform your clients how you see the future of your business. Keep on talking.

I’m watching a group of people fighting for survival. Their trade is suffering, and they are seeking funds or assistance from a council which has already suffered incredible setbacks. And in reality: there are 300 thousand residents who are the council’s priority. Not only this: there are hundreds of businesses suffering at this moment. Rather than seek help from an already ailing landlord: it seems better to accept reality and use extraordinary effort to make customers aware of their businesses and trade.

It is a hard and ungiving World: and it is about to get tougher. And we feel that attempting to find sympathy for poor trading conditions will fall on deaf ears. The public is in difficult situations: money is tight and uncertain. Unemployment figures are vague: The furlough scheme ends in October – and employers will have to decide if they can afford to keep those workers or let them go. That could see a big wave of unemployment in the autumn. Any business who seeks more council and government support may find the pleas falling on deaf ears: the priorities are changing. And the public is already aware of the grants given out to small businesses and not all believe they are fair: so be aware! So, keep on thinking.

think outside of the box

Anyone who chooses to assess the reality will know there is are difficult times ahead. And any who thinks the turnaround will be swift may be in for a shock. Yes! There will be survivors and they will thrive: if, and only if, they ‘think outside of the box’. Look at ways to make changes to presentation and how to give offers and deals. The old stock turned into new inventory is an excellent way to keep turnover moving: and this also keeps clients aware of your presence.

If you attend shows and fairs: open up your boxes, wash and clean covers and test equipment. For those of you who know about intention: these actions make a difference. Being prepared is not just for The Boy Scouts! I cannot over-emphasis the importance of setting up your stand and preparing for the future. Be clear the Well Being Shows will open the doors, and anyone who is ‘more than’ ready will attain ‘more than’ their share of work. So! Open your trade boxes and ‘think outside the box’.

We cannot afford to become complacent. Winners are ready for any situation. There is no point in looking for the worse of a situation. There is every point in understanding and accepting the possible conditions and making ready in every way possible. This thought is not blind optimism; it is how we survive and prepare for a new future.

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Keep On Planning

Ian said to a customer last week: ‘Every setback is an opportunity. Every change can be made a change for the better: We are ready to do anything for our survival and future prosperity’. And he means every word. We know times ahead will change beyond anything known before: nothing of the past will be relevant over the next year or so: it’s no use saying ‘I have ten years of experience’ because the slogan counts for nothing. Only those who talk; think: seek informed advice: understand the new protocols: will know how to navigate the future. For our future we will: ‘Keep on talking’ ‘Keep on thinking’. ‘Think outside the box’.

See You Soon

Liz Clark
MD – LizianEvents Ltd

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  1. THANK YOU, Liz for the sensible pep talk & encouragement.Am sure we all need it. Thank you & Ian for being there to wisely guide & inspire us. ☺🤗

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