See the Future? – Kathleen Lorna Middleton lived in the North London suburb of Edmonton. On October 21 1966, Middleton had a powerful feeling of doom. She said at the time: ‘I awoke choking and gasping and with the sense of the walls collapsing’ Later she told her lodger Alexander Bacciarelli about the terrible feeling when returned from his nightshift at 08:45. For some reasons she asked him to make a cup of tea: something she rarely did ‘It’s while they are drinking tea’ she commented the time was 09:00.

At the same time workers on a coal waste heap in South Wales were also making tea for their break. The mine waste was piled on a hill, and the ‘fine slag’ was shifting due to months of rain. While the workers took their break, the waste began to move like an avalanche, and 175 thousand tons of slurry slipped into the valley below. Pantglas Junior School in the village of Aberfan was in the black wave’s path. We know children and staff heard what sounded like a rumble of rolling thunder, and then they were buried. The time was 09:15, and 115 children and 28 adults had perished.

I know this is a dark reference to premonition. But Kath Middleton had a reputation for prediction. It was something which caused her significant concerns throughout her life. The story could be a pure coincidence: however, there are many instances where warning of impending disaster are recorded.

In Morgan Robertson’s novella ‘Wreck of The Titan’, he seems to have predicted the sinking of the Titanic on April 14, 1912, is one of the best known human disasters. Interestingly modern naval architects suggest the wreck could have been avoided. In the book, Robertson describes the sinking of a giant passenger liner which has a remarkable similarity to Titanic his ship is named the SS Titan; an enormous British passenger liner deemed to be unsinkable, she carries an insufficient number of lifeboats. What is interesting is the book was published 12 years before the dark, cold Atlantic night took the Titanic to its grave.

A friend recalled a situation where he’d faked illness rather than go on a weekend break with his best friend. Colin’s parents accepted the illness because they knew he’d been looking forward to the break for weeks. On the return journey from Cornwall, his friend was killed with his parents in a car accident. ‘I did feel ill the day before, and as the night progressed, I felt ‘crushed and in fear. Once my mother told me I was staying at home: the mystery illness faded. Was it a psychic warning? Who knows?’

I wonder if we settle down in our minds, the inner-being can assess situations because of accumulated information. I asked Colin if he’d travelled in his friend’s family car before the accident: ‘Oh! Yes! My best friend’s father was a reckless driver. He always drove the old Jaguar very fast, overtaking and accelerating all the time. My father was a slow driver: perhaps this is the reason for the illness and fast recovery?’

Do we listen to our inner being? Should we exercise the intuition more often? And if we trust to outside influence which later we discover is poor advice: does this result in feelings of uncertainty and frustration?

If you are fortunate to be a long-term journal-keeper and your journal has a system to it: you can reference back into the memory! System? Yes: I have an index where significant events or dreams are recorded. One word or name will take me back to my thoughts. I can return to 2005 and discover how and sometimes why certain events were recorded. Are there any predictions in the pages? The answer is yes: however, they are most often about people and how their lives will change. Many personal circumstances and changes are anticipated and come to fruition. Indeed there are more successes than failures: the ratio seems to be 70% reasonable outcome, and 30% shut the doors! External disasters? There are none, although a few observations written about social situations have a degree of accuracy.

Suppose you are a weekly or monthly contributor to a weblog. Your work could also be a testament to predictions: if your focus is on ‘personal opinion’ of life, political situations or general news. Unfortunately, there are too few weblogger’s who follow this genre. Surely somewhere there is an ‘everyday person’ genius assessor of the political, economic or social systems? One who can assess the situations from a civilians point of view. Maybe you could be the one! The one who can write from a real person’s perspective. The genius who will be recognised as the 2020 Nostradamus: an astonishing suggestion: why not give the idea a go?

I invite you to write a few words about your life and thoughts each day. Keep the writing focussed on your world and ideas. ‘What!’ you say ‘I haven’t time for that: I have a life to live’. And I accept your argument: however, we have become a world of journal keepers and opinion holders. Friends can go back years into your ideas, and they can see if you are a fair-weather friend or dedicated mentor. We can know everything about you within an hour of searching. By using social-media: you provide everyone with all there is to know. Incidentally, are the secret group: secret? No! There will be someone in the group who’ll copy and paste and inform their friends of the ‘secret’ content.

Information is where new predictions are found. Over the last months, a few have said they predicted lockdown. However, their social-media stream suggests otherwise. One should remember all that is written about today is a life long record for someone to use for better or worse tomorrow. The adage ‘If you have nothing good to say: say nothing’ holds well. At the moment, the wise are positive, and the foolish live in hope.

Should one attempt to predict the future? I would say not! You are certain to be unhappy with the outcome. The sure the way is to watch with care and without prejudice (something few can accomplish) because the damage to society is for all to see. We should not fear it or look to blame: now is the time to show strength, no point attempting to see through the mists. Unfortunately, we’ll see no central accord, many people are frightened for their future security, and we are beginning to see choices made based on their situation: not the hardships of others. 

We should remember health is not a priority for millions of people. They smoke, drink and eat to excess without care for wellbeing. People are prepared to drive like maniacs. Millions work themselves to death. Soon, there will be significant numbers who’ll follow human nature: a way which comes to accept possible risk and danger. Freedom is a more meaningful human instinct than death: why else would tens of millions of young soldiers be sacrificed without a second thought?

We are not at a crossroads: society has not fallen into a desert without specific destinations: yet. Building a new culture would be hard and ruthless: so may never happen: is this a prediction? No, we are living in uncertain times but do not forget our ability to survive and overcome great plagues and famine is engrained in our souls. No matter the cost: we will be free: because this is what the soul demands.

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  1. A good read.

    On the one hand, I am generally sceptical of premonitions. We are a race of billions, the random thoughts of billions will come true for someone any time, some time.

    Yet we all recognise the term “gut feeling”, an articulation of premonition, of a force beyond logic and evidence.

    Premonition also feeds into Past Lives. Has someone lived in the future and is carrying that knowledge back to the past?

    Or maybe it is about Universal Knowledge. Everything has already happened, and we are just rediscovering it?

    Some believe in parallel universes too, where everything is happening at the same time, and epochal events can seep, just out of sync, from one universe to another?

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