We should know if you smile, the brain reacts by producing feel-good chemicals: bathe your brain in good vibes. And do you know? If you smile: no matter what the situation: the brain still produces the feel-good endorphins.

Scientific research suggests a genuine smile is always considered attractive to others. And research studies demonstrate smiling can heighten one’s emotions and the emotions of those in your environment.

Relevant links are found between good health, longevity, and smiling. Most importantly, studies suggest smiling whether the result of real joy or acting has impressive long-term benefits on health and wellbeing.

photo of woman looking at the mirror

Life is a Mirror!

What better reason to smile today? Well, here is another:

Smiling keeps you young and fitter: Oh! Yes, it does! The effect of being happy is recognised as the number-one wellbeing asset. And the smiling chain reaction of happiness is there for you to use: and your smile will make the people happy as well. Have you noticed how a smile is immediately returned? Try it today: have a smiling day: a day of happiness and kindness.

I do not know where I first read the statement: ‘Life is a mirror: Smile at it, and it’ll smile back! Be angry with Life, and you know what’ll happen’. But I do know this is true. Watch the moaners faces and their friend’s expressions. Who wants to be in that place? Do you? No, of course, you don’t. So smile while you can, and you can smile every day.

We lose a friend don’t cry too long about the loss: Smile and celebrate the time together: be thankful for the lessons the friend has taught and the memories to smile about. What do you mean you’ll never get over the loss? Is that what your friend would want? Would they have laughed at the thought of your depression? Would they say ‘Come on! Get back into Life you’re living it for both of us now?’ That’s what good friends desire: surely? 

At work too:

Happiness has positive effects on productivity. Positive emotions invigorate human beings, while negative emotions have the opposite effect. Those who smile in the workplace are more productive and if you wonder why the happy and not so accomplished manager climbs the success ladder and the miserable and excessively qualified gets looked-over: now you know. And success fires up the feel-good chemicals again. And the inner being relates the good feelings with successful actions. Within time the successful acts compound into WOW successes; that’s the way millions are made.

woman wearing gray notch lapel suit jacket

Dopamine increases feelings of happiness. Serotonin is associated with reduced stress. Low serotonin levels are associated with depression, and sometimes aggression and reduced levels of dopamine are associated with depression. A smile hits the chemical factor in your brain and guess what? Your mind is bathed in dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. Smiling is an atomic happiness reaction: once you set it off, Life is going to get better. And remember you do not have to be in a right emotional place to smile: fake it and the brain still opens the chemistry set. That’s a fantastic lesson.

So: what will it be today? Big Smile or Mr Miserable? The choice is your’s, and your brain is ready to show-off its ability to make you happy: relax your stress: make you successful: and offer a helping feeling out of depression.

Keep on Smiling 🙂

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