Zsuzsanna Hörcsög Psychic & Medium 

Zsuzsanna is a third-generation psychic and a medium, a Reiki Master & Teacher, a Quantum-Touch Certified Level 1 practitioner, a teacher, and an art therapist. She tunes in with your energies naturally to give you compassionate, yet direct guidance related to your past, present and potential future. Although Zsuzsanna loves her cards and is interested in psychometry/flower readings (at times she might use her mother’s old reading cards, too), she prefers conducting her readings without any tool. She is quick to adjust her approach to meet the needs of her clients and leaves them empowered to move forward with a much more positive and balanced outlook on their lives. Zsuzsanna trained at the prestigious College of Psychic Studies in London where she also sat with Elizabeth Rogers for trance for two years. She is passionate about trance work and is currently compiling her channelled material in the ‘Spirit says..’ series.

Zsuzsanna is new to the Community so please come along to say ‘hello’ – she would be happy to meet you to answer your questions.

     “Wow! You blew me away!”      “My reading was absolutely amazing.”    “You are incredible.”

To connect, please visit www.ZsuzsannaMedium.com 
or email to hello@zsuzsannamedium.com

Zsuzsanna Hörcsög: LizianEvents Ltd
Zsuzsanna Hörcsög

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