I read Annette’s poem and thought how wonderfully it expresses the ‘moment’. Annette has kindly allowed us to republish her poem: Many thanks Annette:

The silver birch bends and bows.
Its branches form shimmering curves that sway.
This way and that it dances;
the wind blows it every way!
Its leaves, so delicate and small,
defy the wind; don’t mind it at all!
The willow’s wands seem to say
‘ Let’s blow all the cobwebs away’.
The whistling, whipping wind exposes
imperfect branches; jutting angles,
unseen when the willow serene,
calmly poses…
The sunflowers observe it all.
Grown in a tub, they’ll never grow tall;
cheerfully standing,
almost quite smug!
The wind blows harder;
they simply shrug…
The wind with its bullying, destructive force,
shrieks and howls,
tries to take away
the gentle calmness of a peaceful day.
So much we can learn from nature’s reply,
‘just quietly wait for the storm to pass by…

Annette B x

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