Under Pressure? – Suppose you are under pressure today: or yesterday: or the day before. You can be sure you’ll be working through the options time and again. I watched many people under the greatest of pressure on the trading floor in the ’80s.

Their trade was an analysis of the stock market. So confident were they of their work they failed to see the fact there was (and never will be) a way to predict the ways business will work in the longterm. If I were to say that there is an almost telepathic collision on the trading floor when times are difficult, you’d be sceptical: they could predict falls with ease: predicting short term rises was more difficult. Does this: in some way: remind you of the present situation?

The traders know the market must buy and sell to survive. In times of falling markets, the old school will hold back: and hold on to their solid investments and watch the lambs enter the slaughter. Millions are lost: but the market hangs on for life. And many will use an invisible support network: buying low-cost shares and selling between themselves to provide a small profit which justifies their position and keeps the trade flowing. Is this legal? Barely! But all choose to ignore the life-saving tactic.

Those of us who were seasoned traders knew the way was to walk! And I mean, walk! We made sure those around us knew ‘We needed some time’: Believing we were breaking under pressure we were given a smug smile and allowed to retreat. What we were doing was securing our assets and waiting for the uninitiated to sweat the situation out.

Many years have passed since I worked with millions of pounds every day. And in regular times nothing has changed. We are not in standard times: nothing external is normal: and the future for the big business looks poor. You think that big business runs the World and to an extent it does: but the fact is that the enterprises need pension funds and insurance investments and foolish people to invest in the market to make up the shortfalls. I see that this is a lifeline which is slipping away. My feeling is the job losses, and severe damage to businesses infrastructure will cause massive long term failure of the markets.

This situation is not like a world war: after the war, there is decimation, and literally, countries need rebuilding. And the rebuilding stimulates the economy into growth. We do not have structural damages to the infrastructure of society: buildings still stand, and factories can still produce goods. However, the demand for the products will slow down as fewer and fewer people have money to spend. People who lose their jobs will be ‘shell-shocked’, and most will hold on to savings and attempt to protect their assets.

People in the financial industry will be in fear of late or non-payment of loans. Their incomes will be ruined by the bankruptcy of clients. And property repossessed will mean a lowering of values. The certainty is we need trade to support the economy. This long term stagnation is setting the pattern for grave social issues ahead in time.

If you think about this situation with care: you’ll see the pattern reflects well in our ordinary life. Some have adequate savings, small mortgage or none at all who are reasonably safe (I do not use the word secure). There are those in the middle ground who will scavenge and hope for every thread of security. And some will consolidate and step back and keep their heads during the crisis. And there are the ‘planner – forecasters – analysts’ who attempt to work out the possibilities: they are seeing the falls: but cannot predict the way to success: so they continue to see the negative falls.

Suppose you are under pressure today: no matter what the situation do not attempt to work out the possibilities. I assure you there is no way you will be right: the permutations are too many and too many people have conflicting opinions (all sides are deemed to lose). Take stock of what you have and begin to think about securing assets and working hard in your employment (only the useful are useful in crisis). But more than anything, take time to walk and take exercise, get out of bed early and walk and review nature and the simplicity of empty streets and outdoor places.

There is no foolishness in this statement: learn to free the mind from anything which is beyond your control. My feeling is there are difficult and testing times ahead in the aftermath of this crisis. And there will be untold suffering and financial concerns for a vast swath of people. Institutional cutbacks will be inevitable: social distancing will be as nothing to the plight of those who will struggle to survive on low income and without jobs.

You may wonder why this article is in daily news which is all about wellbeing?

Well, the answer is this: those who prepare to work with little and become centred on their spiritual-self will understand the potential of owning little and connecting to their modern environment: they will learn to understand and see the prospects available. It is no use planting a seed in barren land: One has to learn to look for and see the fertile possibilities. Most people cannot see they are living an empty and non-productive life: existing day to day: not birth to death.

Spiritual lessons are needed more now than at any time since the second world war.

Renew your understanding of spiritual healing of the mind. There is need to take a great measure of the teaching of the ancient masters: Christ: Buddha: Mohammed and the many philosophers: because these lessons are the ones centred on the true self: the spiritual self. The studies were ones written when there was little money, and slavery and evil ruled the populations. They hold magnificent teachings which can help you with your wellbeing.

The message is simple: those who are seen by the poor to have everything are more frightened than you know: They have much to lose, and many will lose all. For the wealthy to have had so much and loose all is likened to a painful and slow death. This is why they will do anything to hang onto money and power. At this time, they know the masses have nothing to be taken! Yes! They are in fear do not doubt the idea.

Become at one with your deep-spiritual self. Only here is the strength to live through this most difficult time. Do not consider an external environment over which you have no control: enter deep into your spiritual self and relearn the messages of spiritual teachings.

Janine Love

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