Well Being Market ~ Thank You

Not A Merry-Go-Round
Not A Merry-Go-Round

An exhausting and brilliant weekend. Anyone who was part of this landmark event should be proud of your achievements. I do not think there was a moment when everyone involved did not work together to make the Well Being Market as safe and secure as possible.

Special thanks must go to the great numbers of Visitors who observed the social distancing guidelines and were patient with the inevitable queues. There were those who were disappointed not to have found seating in the presentation rooms and the take-away food system had mixed reviews. However, everyone accepted there would be compromise.

We believe there are lessons learned this weekend. And these will be carried forward into the Pure Spirit and Lincolnshire Well Being Market events. I have no doubt, the demand from both Visitors and Community Members for these two events will be fantastic. All of us know what is expected and how to make the best of what is available.

All of us should give thanks to SAG – The local authorities and The Newark Show Ground staff and management for their unwavering help in making the show possible. And special gratitude should go to Liz Clark for her continual assessment of, and learning to understand the regulations as they changed almost weekly.

I did not have time to record very much media during the Well Being Market. The onus was on supervising cleaning and marshalling the presentations. Although I did receive many positive comments and a few constructive comments. As already written, people understood the limitations and all realised we were in untested ground.

I do have the numbers for this event and they were very good indeed. I do not intend to publish the figures until the crisis is deemed as over. A principal reason is there is no comparison to earlier events and we still have to write an assessment for SAG. You are aware of our commitment to transparency and can be sure the figures will be published at a later date.

From conversations with Visitors they all confirmed the professionalism and dedication of Community Members. It is gratifying to report how many worked to promote their work and services and kept away from the difficult situation which imposes so much on our lives. All agreed there is not a consensus and to keep away from opinion was the correct course to take. I feel this is one of the reasons so many Visitors left with a smile on their face and words of gratitude.

From a personal perspective: my comments are simple: Considering the present guidelines and rules I do not believe an event of this type can work in small or none dedicated venues. There is no apology for this statement. There has to be at least 2 meters between each stand – anything less negates the one meter social distancing rule. There needs to be ample room in the aisles for a free flowing and socially distanced movement. And if presentations are to follow the restrictions it is imperative to have large rooms, plastic (and therefore contact cleanable) seating and cleaning staff on hand. There has to be an investment in safety to ensure the clean down of contact areas. We made the right choice to invest in full time cleaners and a full deep clean of the building before the event started. Take-up on the information videos and MP3 information downloads was surprisingly good. As was the presentation schedule download. I will be using these distribution of information platforms for all future events.

The conclusion is the Well Being Market was a success. Liz and I enjoyed most of the pre-show organisation. There were moments of doubt and moments of elation. One certainty is we knew we’d covered every aspect of presenting a Well Being Market within the guidelines. This weekend could not have succeed without the cooperation of fifty-five incredible people: the real thanks goes to everyone of you, for your support and dedication.

Role of Honour:

Anahata Centre Lincoln
Angela Barker Tarot
Barrie John Medium
The Body and Mind Place
Brigitte Rix Author
Counselling with Cartouche – Di Wall
Crystal Carols
Dance of Life
Earth Tree Healing
Elemental Balance
Emporer Training Solutions Ltd
Ethically Gifted
Feel Better Fast
Feet First Reflexology
Fenix Flames
Gilliano Jewellery
Gill Moore Spiritual Healing
Glennis Martin
Gong Sound Therapy
Hands R4 Healing
Heather Wood Spiritual Medium
Intent Jewellery
Iza Moon
Jane Osborne – Exploring Past Lives
Leone Edwards
Lisa Davies Author
Millgate Therapy
Mystical Revival
Mystic Christine
Native American Traditions
Naturally Smart Skincare
Nature’s Workshop
Nottingham Reiki
Old Pain 2 Go
Peter Wall Hypnotherapy Academy
Purple Church Spiritual Healing
The Pyramid Lady
Rick Paul Spiritual Medium
Sanctuary Reflexology
Second Chance – Campbell Wallace
Sense the Senses
Simon Goodfellow Spiritual Medium
SolRox Therapy & Products
Soul Sisters
SpookyLicious Wax Melts
Stephen’s Crystals
Summer Rose Retail and Tarot
Tranquil Awakenings
Upbeat – Lincoln
Walk the Labyrinth
Woodland Trust
Zsuzanna Psychic Medium

Many thanks and see you soon:

Ian Timothy


    • We will present our assessments to SAG at this time. Our venues are optimistic about the present bookings! So we will continue to pre-organise the two remaining events. We look closely at the events in the UK. It is down to how other organisers take responsibilty to the laws which will determine SAG and local council’s appraisals. Let’s face it: few believed last weekend would happen Gary: See you soon – Ian

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