We are conscious that Facebook Group Admins are very important to our work and promotions. As you know we have a popular and thriving Facebook Group and we welcome any posts so long as they are non-political. Our work is about Well Being not confusion! So we know approvals are not always easy!

It is clear that sometimes our views and opinion are not inline with some who are valuable members of the groups. This is the way of life and accepted. However, you always show fairness and balance and many thanks for your openness.

So today I wish to thank all of the Administrators who approve our posts. I know you take great care and responsibility for the way your Groups are seen by many thousands of people. Most (if not all) of your work and looking after the groups is without reward. Your ethos and conviction are to unite people and their, therapies, spiritual work and spiritual businesses. During the next two years, you’ll be tasked to hold people together, show there is light ahead, and a future for all who love wellbeing, spiritual, and emotional genres. Never will there be a more important task for unification.

By running your groups and allowing small businesses like ourselves to promote our work needs acknowledgement.

So on behalf of The Community you support:

Many Thanks to you Our Unknown Friends


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