So the question is will we promote the two last markets of 2020? And the answer is yes we will. We have a good template for our risk assessment and the blessing of the teams at Newark and Lincoln.

We can improve on an already sound safety assessment. No one can say ‘C-19’ safe – how can we see microbes? We can invest in the safety measures and structure of the previous Well Being Market and see where it takes The Community.

As mentioned before: The Markets take time to set up: and there is need to work with SAG and local authorities. Nothing can be left to chance and everyone has to know the how and why of the organisation, rules and parameters.

So: We’ll set the ball rolling. If you wish to trade at the markets you’ll have to book, as the numbers of stalls will be limited. Payments for the market stalls is due seven days before the events and it they were to be cancelled there is a £5.00 admin fee deducted from the returned money. So if the stand is 100 and the show is cancelled you’ll receive a repayment of £95 pounds. We’d like to return without an admin fee: but there are costs involved and we have drastically reduced the stand fees to help Community return to trade: so there has to be a trade off.

Dates are:

Lincolnshire Well Being Market – 7 + 8 November – Epic Centre – Lincolnshire Show Ground

Pure Spirit Market – 28 + 29 November – Cedric Ford Pavilion – Newark Show Ground

Cedric Ford Pavilion - LizianEvents - Lizian Events

Both markets open Saturday 10 until 5 and Sunday – 10 until 4.

Use the contact form below for booking forms: stand prices: and guidelines:

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