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A week since the Newark Well Being Market and my thoughts about the Market and the future. In the future there are hard choices to be made and we’ll have to keep our lens in sharp focus if we’re to prosper in the coming years. No doubting the immense hurdles ahead. Building confidence, digging deep into resources, revisiting ethos and long term objectives, are just part of the future. There are many wounded people on the events circuit: I have NO intention in being tarred with the brush of greed. You’ll see no big welcoming smile hiding a savings account: you will see: fortitude, daily dedication and a single-minded approach to building a bigger, stronger organisation with an impeccable and realistic reputation.

Liz Clark

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Well Being Market:

No doubting the market was a 101% success. Everyone involved knew the parameters and kept well within the guidelines. And as the clock ticked to four on Sunday afternoon, I know everyone had achieved something extraordinary indeed.

We continue to put together the Lincoln and Pure Spirit Markets. It would be impossible to make the markets work without prior organisation and preparation. Of course, we have the advantage of last weekends template. Knowing what will work and seeing the pitfalls will help make the Markets better for all who attend.

No one can say C-19 safe! It is an impossible and misleading statement. We have to repeat the message and keep the information alive. Every day changes, and there are factions of people who see only the negative possibilities. How this reconciles with the words, hope, and future is mystifying. Success is built on seeing opportunity and making the opportunity work.

Of course, there will be times when situations do not work out. We are, in a way, programmed to expect or see failure and negativity: an aspect of the human’s need to survive. We work to help people’s businesses survive: be you therapist, counsellor, retailer, trainer, teacher: you need a trading platform.

LizianEvents has never shied away from the business and commercial aspects of our endeavour. Indeed, this is how we could repay 1000’s of pounds to Community Members. Being careful with spending and with an eye to profit enabled us to make the refunds. And Ian and I have considered this aspect with care, deciding to focus carefully on reinvestment for the whole of 2021. Not only this: we choose to keep the Markets running during 2021 and beyond. Our reasoning is we have to evidence excellent financial stability and fortitude.

Community Members who stand at our Markets and other shows organised by us will see a more significant dedication to security and the future. Our well-established policy of transparency will continue as will the detailed information of how the organisation will evolve over the next three years.

To this end: We will have extended calendar information: 2021 – 2024 dates will be available very soon. There are already plans afoot for a huge event in 2021, and this will follow with a country-wide calendar for 2022 onwards. We will reinforce the shows with a rock-solid foundation for Community and Visitors. Many months of inspiring planning is ahead for all of us, and we will monopolise on our fantastic reputation for security and fairness. Of course, we have caused friction with some people. I am aware that our strict adherence to terms and conditions has (and will) lose followers. But, to be healthy and secure, we have to demonstrate strength and loyalty to keen supporters.

Ian and I have no doubt; times will be challenging for many people. And there will be some who have already decided to close the doors on their businesses. But in the embers of an evening fire there will always be enough heat to rekindle tomorrows flame. And this will be our consistent message. We will be here, and we’ll make the best choices for the security of the organisation and The Community.

We feel the best way to progress is from a position of strength. Therefore we’ll have to demonstrate clarity and fortitude. Inevitably, we’ll have to provide events which are seen as superlatively organised. We have to make difficult choices for the common good of the Community. In reality, we have to be real! Our feeling is, being seen to be building a healthy and robust business is essential: essential for people to stand with us and invest in our organisation. I do not believe Community (and new members) will wish to become part of uncertain businesses.

While we will always demonstrate fairness, we know the importance of wise practice: this means we will work to the common good and longterm prosperity of our business. If we are not seen to be business-minded over the next two years, I feel we’ll lose respect and loyalty because I know how fragile and uncertain many people think about the way they have been treated over the last year. Ian and I are not prepared to take ANY chances with our reputation for honesty and integrity. I’m not interested in those who wish to distort disputes: so be clear: we will continue to provide correspondences in any argument for those who ask. 

In conclusion:

Ian and I will stand fast with teh methods used in the organisation. We choose to make sure the central focus of our business practice will be for long-term security. The choice is to reinvest profits into venues and LizianEvents infrastructure. We see this as a long-term project of security before gain. Accepted, some will be cynical about this approach, but we’ll refer them to our proven methods and fairness: there are no grey areas about how we have repaid and helped Community Members over the last year.

We see this as the right way: it may not be the ‘emotional or visionary’ way. But times have changed, and compassion has to be supported by reality and provable ethos. There is no expectation or suggestion of a right or wrong way to the future. The message is: we’ll run at a profit: reinvest in the future: and not let our Community down. Whoever we work with should understand, we will not allow our business to flounder. It will succeed by ethos and principals and clarity.

Liz Clark
MD – LizianEvents Ltd

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