A New Year’s Eve without revellers and parties: who would have thought it? Not a one. Although, we’ll still hear fireworks and a few cheers: and that will be about the size of the celebrations.

No doubting the passing year holds many memories, and as the future evolves, our minds will distort the reality. And this is good: because our ability to review the problematic issues of the past in different ways is an excellent coping methodology. It is a concept many will dismiss: although ask a few friends to recall a shared experience, and you’ll discover all will offer a different account. It is probable, with the immense confusions of the last year, this phenomenon will become more prominent. Therefore, from my perspective, I will be looking at the actual achievements accomplished in 2020.

On a personal level, Liz and I turned a small urban jungle into a decent garden and vegetable plot. We converted two junk-filled rooms into super guest rooms: and we’ve also made good headways into redecorating our home. On the downside, I threw away eighteen months of weight-loss, although this is being turned around. No excuse’s here, but many of us have fallen to excesses!

Business-wise we lost a few friends and Community Members who are against the choice to run (if at all possible) events during 2020. We accept people’s opinions without question: let’s hope they will stand alongside The Community during the coming years: and see the bigger picture of our intent: I doubt anyone would care to dispute our integrity and ethos: no one has lost a penny in stand fees or deposits: every penny being returned. So, we begin this New Year with a clean slate and every probability of a new and bright future.

A tremendous achievement is, of course, keeping LizianEvents visible and active. LizianEvents News has made incredible progress: over 100 thousand views over the last year have to be seen as successful. We held two Well Being Events: The first in February the second in September. This second event: the Newark Well Being Market has to be acknowledged as a landmark. No other organiser ran an event of our genre in the latter part of 2020. The Well Being Market hit the spot and is acknowledged as a total success by both Community Members and Visitors. Many thanks to all who attended: you made magic happen over a cold September weekend: a real memory for all who attended!

We are ready for the year ahead. Everything is in place for the Well Being Events to start as soon as we are able. We will continue with the policy to promote every event on our calendar: The Community will be ready to serve their Visitors if local authorities allow the event to proceed. The Community have supported every effort to keep the Well Being brand alive. Without the immense support from Community, Visitors, Stallholders, supporters and friends, the task of rebuilding the future would be daunting. We are all in great shape for the future because there are many thousands of people aware of the Well Being brand, and everyone will benefit from the year-long conduit of information about Community Members and stallholders discovered when reading LizianEvents News.

Yes! All of us can choose to accept there can be a well-defined plan for the future. The aftermath of this crisis is for the present unknowable. In the meantime, it is heartening to see how many people are focussed on culturing their inner-strength and physical health. It seems likely these are the most practical starting points for a successful future.

Here we are at the start of New Year 2021. A country no longer in the EU. A land ravaged by a virus. A dominion of 60 million people at the gateway to a new way of life and living. Dynamics of our society are changed forever; many resent the present situation, millions angry and frustrated: and perhaps worse of all, there is breaking or loss of trust in many aspects of society. Goodness, there is a journey ahead. And the time is right to make positive choices and to think with a positive attitude. Progressive people will search for the potentials to the future, not potential and unknown losses. Do we choose to discover new ways to navigate the uncharted waters or keep looking back at the now impossible to change memory? I know which path I’ll be taking. Some people will continually return to the past and hope against hope for a turnaround returning (in their memory) to places that seemed secure.

There can never be absolute fairness or justice in society. At no time will there be a consensus agreed by all citizens: this is the way of free-thinking and being part of reasonably free culture. But there needs now to be a clear understanding of our present situations.

We are at a great epoch. No one could deny the reality of this historical marker. It is up to millions of people who live in our society to choose to get on with life and make the most of the banquet. An alternative is to stand around the table and hope for scraps. One certainty is: if the future is to become secure for grand and great-grandchildren: there is a need to demonstrate a fair and open-minded approach to life and society and prepare future generations for the unknown future.

Every aspect of life has been through the mill. Goodness knows the longterm implications of the crisis. People can either choose to reflect upon the darkness or decide to seek the light of the right ways. My choice is to work in the interests of people who I can help and support. My feeling is working with likeminded people, and understanding mutual interest’s potential will bring the best success. And I do not have to like or agree with everyone worked with: a plan or objective for mutual success is more defining than personal bickering and disagreement.

Here is a once a lifetime opportunity for us to give our futures a chance of accomplishment. Never is there a better chance to make the positive changes for our futures. I have chosen to grasp the thorn of the past and remove it, and its roots. Although this is a painful act, the seeds of the future planted in this cleared land will grow into a fertile place of plenty in the long term.

Liz and I wish you happiness for 2021. Make the very best of every day. Accept there are difficult times ahead. After every storm, there are repairs to be made and lessons to be learned. And the turnaround will be slow with many issues to solve. Dig deep future foundations, have love in your heart and soul, and light the flame of your spirit to enlighten the months ahead.

Ian Timothy


  1. Thank you Ian and Liz! Offering us such a heartwarming, uplifting, positive light for our way ahead! Warmest wishes to you & your family. Eternal thanks for your wisdom & vision & astounding support of our Lizian Community Members & its Visitors. Xxx🤗🤗🤗

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